5 Hacks to Banish Dry Skin Under Your Beard

5 Hacks to Banish Dry Skin Under Your Beard

Cold seasons are notorious for drying out your skin. And for some people, the skin under their beard is even more prone to dry and flakiness. If your goal is a polished, well-groomed look, then you’re on the hunt for some solutions. Here are five tips to help you maintain a healthy complexion:

1. Inspect Your Cleanser

One of the first things to consider when experiencing a breakout of dry patches is your products. You might not need to use anything in the warmer months, so you simply don’t have a go-to bottle in your shower. 

Alternatively, you might be using a formula that is too harsh. Cleansers that are acidic or contain harsh ingredients can strip already-sensitive skin and leave it unprotected from the fluctuating elements. 

First things first, invest in a gentle cleanser for your face.

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2. Establish a Consistent Routine

Raise your hand if you’re only slightly reliable when it comes to skincare! It’s okay if that’s you. But don’t worry, you don’t need a 10-step ritual to keep your skin happy. Generally speaking, cleansing and moisturizing is all you need. Two steps, at least once a day. 

This 3-minute routine could even be integrated into your shower time, if you want to be super-efficient. Before you shut off the water, wash your face with that brand-new gentle cleanser. When you’re toweling off, apply your SPF moisturizer. Done. 

Convention tells us that if you do something consistently for 30 days, it becomes habit. Can you take the 30-Day Clean Face Challenge? 

P.S. This isn’t a real challenge, but you could still do it for yourself.

Establish a Consistent Routine

3. Exfoliate where the sun don’t shine

Okay, we’re talking about under the beard here, not…somewhere else. In addition to cleansing and moisturizing, exfoliate once to (max) twice a week. 

You may remember from biology class, that your skin is always regenerating. That old skin can remain on the surface, making your appearance dull and prone to irritation. Combat that with a refreshing scrub. 

Great store-bought options are available, but before you buy something that might not work for you, be sure to ask a professional esthetician. Even your barber will be able to point you in the right direction. 

Until you can chat with them for that personalized recommendation, here is a DIY remedy that works for most skin types. Go to your pantry and grab some white cane sugar and olive oil. Mix two tablespoons of each and gently work in small circles across your face and into your beard. Gently cleanse with a micellar water afterward to remove the oil residue.

4. Got thirsty beard?

All of this work you’ve done so far: looking into a gentle cleanser, moisturizing after a shower, and adding exfoliation to your weekly routine might be for nothing if you don’t quench your beard hair.

Beard hair is often much dryer than head hair. In order to keep it soft and supple (and not mess up all your hard work), look into beard conditioners and oils. 

This is where your barber or esthetician comes in clutch. These professionals have mastered the art of a well-groomed beard and they’re just waiting for you to ask. At your next appointment, be sure to ask for a recommendation that fits your skin and beard needs as well as grooming routine.

Got thirsty beard?

5. Raid Your Fridge

Some people prefer natural remedies. Lucky for you, nature makes some powerful skincare supplies. Natural ingredients like aloe and honey can soothe and revitalize skin. These are two of the most popular and accessible, but the list doesn’t stop there.

Sugars, plant oils, cucumbers, pumpkin and even white tea have their skincare benefits when applied topically. For the experimental readers, before you brew up your own concoction, reach out to your barber or skincare professional to make sure your all-natural routine is right for you.

6. (Bonus!) Do Pre-Shave Prep

This one is a bonus because it *technically* isn’t about dry skin under your beard. But it’s related, so here us out…

Maybe your favorite part of going to the barber is the hot towel wrapped around your face. Good news, you can do that during regular shaving routines at home.

Do Pre-Shave Prep

You can warm a damp towel in the dryer, wrap it around your face, and sink into your favorite armchair before your shave. Or, a low-effort option is to save after a hot shower. Your skin will be prepped, pores open, and hair softer already. Either way works.

Also, ask your barber about the right pre-shave products like an oil. Many swear by their oils and it’s definitely worth a look.

So why are we talking about shaving in an article about reducing dry skin under your beard? Good question. It’s all about keeping and maintaining healthy skin. There are situations where irritated skin continues to be irritated, whether you’re growing out a beard or keeping a clean shave. A clear complexion is all about daily care.

For more on skincare and routine grooming, read this next.


Banishing dry skin under your beard is achievable with the right hacks. These five tips will help you not only address the problem after it crops up, but it will help you to prevent it, too. If this is something that you’re dealing with and want specialized advice or what you’re already doing isn’t working, hop on the Booksy app to schedule an appointment with your barber or skincare professional.

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