Tame Your Mane: Men’s Curly Haircuts & Styling Tips

Tame Your Mane: Men’s Curly Haircuts & Styling Tips

If you’ve been blessed with bouncy, curly hair, it’s possible you’d be a millionaire by now if you got a penny every time someone told you “I wish I had your hair!” Surely others have envied you your locks many times, but they probably never realized how much time and care your hair needs. 

On a good day, getting your curly hair into shape can be time consuming and require the use of many products. Waking up with a bad hair day, now that can truly be something more. That’s why choosing the right haircut and using proper, dedicated products is so important. Here’s a list of men’s curly haircuts and styling tips to help your locks achieve their full potential. 

men with curly hair

Men’s hairstyles for curly hair

Hairstyles for men with curly hair is a topic that can seem complicated. In reality, it all comes down to choosing a haircut that gives your face the right proportions and allows for convenient styling. 

Remember, if you show your hairstylist a picture of Mika or Kit Harrington, you need to prepare yourself that their haircut will look completely different on you. Basically, each hairstyle will look different on different people. With unique face shapes and hair textures, the hairstyle that looks great on someone else, can look bad on you. In the case of Mike, it may work for him and emphasize his features. On you, it may cause your face to lose its proportions and bring out flaws. 

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Keeping these things in mind, here are some hairstyles that you may want to try out–

  • Curly fringe
  • Curly quiff
  • A fade haircut
  • A messy man bun
  • An undercut
  • Long messy curls
  • Short and textured curls

An important aspect when choosing a hairstyle is also facial hair. If you have a majestic beard or a magnificent mustache, you’ll need to take into consideration if this new hairdo will pair well. 

Men’s hairstyles for curly hair

Taking proper care

Each hair is different and has different needs. One type of curly hair can also have a completely unique texture compared to another. Apart from the common need for moisturizing, absolutely everything can be different. One man’s curls can be thick and dense, others can be light and thin. They may have a tendency to frizzy, brittle or straighten. They can get oily at the roots and dry at the ends, and so on. This is why choosing the correct products for everyday use is so crucial. It can make or break your hairstyle. 

A proper washing regimen is also key when it comes to proper care. Experts say that the best schedule involves you washing your curls every third day. During this routine you’ll want to use a shampoo, next a conditioner, and finally a leave-in cream conditioner once you get out of the shower.

This next step is optional for those who have dry or frizzy hair. Once a week, you can go for a hair-mask treatment after showering. This will provide your locks with extra nourishment and allow you to tame them better. 

Styling tools

If your hair is still on the frizzy side or simply has a tendency to occasionally frizz, you may want to lay off using a hair dryer. With curly hair being naturally more dry,  the hot air coming from the dryer can cause further dryness and hair breakage. If you do, however, have to get your hair dry fast, remember about a few things. Opt for using the diffuser which is often included with the hair dryer. If you don’t have a diffuser, try to dry your hair very gently, without excessively detangling it, while using only cool air.

Now this is something that needs to be stressed–keep your hair away from brushes. A plain hair brush will create a fizzy bomb on your head! Insted, go for a wide-tooth comb. Use it to remove any knots left in your hair after showering. 

Find a good barber shop

Not every barber has the knowledge how to deal with curly hair. This can end in disaster if such a person gives you a bad haircut. Choosing a good hairstylist is key, not only when giving you the haircut you want, but also when recommending styling products for your hair. 

Find a good barber shop

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