DIY Beard Grooming Tips & Tools For the Summer

DIY Beard Grooming Tips & Tools For the Summer

Growing a beard is a true accomplishment, but grooming it on the other hand? It can be challenging to tame the beast! You’re in luck. One of Booksy’s long time Chicago ambassadors, Mr. Official, created a video of his at-home beard grooming routine, and all the most important tools to have on hand when doing so.

Tools to Have on Deck For At-Home Beard Grooming:

  • Fine tooth comb
  • Trimmer
  • Straight razor
  • Cordless clipper
  • Beard oil
  • Hair dryer with comb attachment

7 Steps to At-Home Beard Grooming, from Mr. Official Himself

Comb Your Beard Out

Detangle your beard to get it ready for clipping

Start Blending

Grab a clipper, preferably with an adjustable 5 notch lever. Use your clipper to blend and transition the hair on each side. Additionally, if you’re rocking a mustache, trim that down too while you’re clipping the rest of your hair. 

Time to Trim

Trim any loose hairs from your mustache that have grown over your lip line. This is commonly referred to as creating a “contour” line. 

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Prep and Moisturize

Prep your skin for a close shave. Use a shave gel on the skin where you’ll be shaving with the straight razor to ensure you don’t cut yourself and the skin stays moisturized throughout the process.

Shave Tight and Clean

Keep your straight razor at around a 30 degree angle. Pull the skin tight above the shaven area to allow for a clean shave, and to avoid the razor pulling at your skin, risking a cut. 

Blow Dry to Detangle

Blow drying your beard after shaving allows for you to be able to see any hairs you missed. It’s not crucial to have a beard attachment, but it definitely helps any rogue hairs lay flat and flow smoothly with the rest of your beard so you can see the shape you’ve just created.

Final Run-Through

Lastly, grab your clippers once more and go through your entire beard in a freehand motion. Remove any stray hairs that are sticking out post blow dry to achieve your desired symmetrical shape.

There you have it! At-home beard grooming simplified thanks to Mr. Official and a couple of key tools. Investing in these will allow for you to whip your beard into shape at any time from the comfort of your own home. If the DIY vibe is not for you, we can help you there too. Book with barber and beard grooming professionals just like Mr. Official with Booksy. Find someone in your area and book today!

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