Tips On How To Properly Take Care Of Facial Hair

Tips On How To Properly Take Care Of Facial Hair

Having a beard can be a source of real fun and elevated self-confidence. For anyone who loves to flaunt their facial hair, its care tends to be a source of great satisfaction. Like with many forms of self-care, beard maintenance often tends to come with its own special routine.

Are you thinking about upping how you take care of facial hair? Or are you trying to read up before you take the plunge? Don’t worry, you know we’ve got your back.

Whatever the reason, read on to learn what you need to know about proper beard and mustache care.

Take care of your stubble

Any barber or beard aficionado will tell you that frequently washing your beard and mustache is the basis of their good appearance. You don’t usually think about it, but facial hair catches a surprisingly large amount of dirt.

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How does your beard and mustache attract dirt? From dust and exhaust fumes to fine food particles, your facial hair can accumulate a fair bit of grime throughout the day. Plus, beards have an infamous ability to absorb odors. (If you know, you know). 

So, if you’re new to the beard game, or have been skimping on keeping your stubble clean, fit this must into your routine. Clean facial hair is healthy facial hair. In addition, clean hair absorbs product better.

When washing your facial hair, not only the frequency is important, but the right technique is, as well. That said, more and more beard owners opt for professional treatments at barbershops that are tailored exclusively for them.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask your barber for tips on how to properly wash your facial hair at home. For instance, you might need special products or massage techniques.

Person shaving their stubble.

Short or long facial hair?

Beard length is all about preference. The general rule of thumb is to go with what makes you comfortable, but there are some differences and nuances with what you choose.

A short stubble, for instance, can be washed with facial gel or other face wash. You might not need to change up your skincare or facial washing process if you want to keep stubble. 

If your beard is longer, however, your beard and mustache have to be taken care of using dedicated products.  Keep in mind, though, the shampoo you use. Most natural shampoos on the market without harmful chemicals, like sulfates, will be good. Of course, the best option will be a dedicated shampoo or beard soap. In most cases, they can be found right next to the regular shampoo, or in men’s grooming areas.

Frequent brushing is also an important step when you take care of facial hair. It not only ensures the beard’s proper shape, but also allows the skin underneath to breathe and react to products normally.

For this reason, every beard owner, in order to take good care of their beard, should also have a small beard comb.

Man with long beard

Beard oils and balms

As we’ve touched on, if you want to take care of facial hair, the process requires more than just washing. For every beard, even the shortest one, using beard oil is recommended. Beard oil is a concentrated formulated for moisturizing and conditioning facial hair. 

Not only does beard oil optimize the health of your facial hair, but it also helps out the skin underneath, moisturizing it. If you use beard oil, skin won’t be dry when you shave, and that’s a plus in every way.

Dry facial hair is tough to keep manageable. Think about it: Would you even style the hair on your head without a little H2O? This is where beard oil comes in. It saves the day if you want to moisturize, condition, style, and even upkeep your hair. For instance, the product comes in handy for trimming split ends and detangling.

Fragrances for beards

For some, the goal of a beard isn’t just shine, silk, and health. It’s also a beard that smells nicely. If you’re one of the people who love a good fragrance, you’re in luck. There’s tons of scented beard oils that you can get to elevate your fragrance game.

Beard and mustache oil, in addition to its excellent care and moisturizing properties, also has the advantage of providing the beard with a nice aroma. If you want to make your beard smell a certain way, use products specifically formulated for facial hair. After all, you’re not spritzing cologne on your scalp, right?

Beard styling

Now, let’s talk about styling.

In addition to owning a comb, as mentioned above, look into hair scissors. They’ll be your best friend when it comes to daily beard control.

In fact, you can actually skip razors and trimmers—you don’t need them. Of course, for some of us it’s pleasant to trim the beard with a razor or trimmer, but without proper knowledge and technique, you’ll rarely end up with the desired result. So make sure you’re certain, or hit up Booksy to find a barber to help. Trust us, you won’t be alone.

For our final, and most important tip, if you want to take care of facial hair in the best way, visit your barber as often as possible. If you are able, a visit to a barbershop will take less time than if you decide to trim your beard on your own. Plus, a barber can give you tips about how to maintain your beard in-between visits, so it’ll grow healthy and strong. 

Person getting their beard groomed.

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