How to make the most of your spa day

How to make the most of your spa day

Finally, you are able to break loose from the daily routine and visit the relaxation temple that is your favourite spa. You are overjoyed (and reasonably so) with the prospect of having a moment of absolute zen ahead of you. Suddenly, you start getting weirdly anxious about it – sometimes when you wait for something so eagerly, you kinda feel like there is this pressure to use the time to the maximum and that makes you nervous. If this sounds like something you experience, then we have a small guide to help you!

Make sure you choose the right spa for you

We all have different needs and preferences. Although we all share a similar vague concept of a spa (the place where you go to get pampered and relax), what defines a fantastic spa experience may vary from person to person. For example, some of us prioritise health benefits very strictly and always choose medical spas. Others are all about winding down and like their treatments to be as relaxing as possible. Some like to have a wide range of services to choose from each time, others have their favourites and are not keen on trying new things. For some, the price of the service matters greatly while others like to splurge on their spa day.

All of these approaches are perfectly okay! It’s not you who should be fitting your expectations and preferences to the place – rather you should always look for spas that meet your personal criteria. It’s good to keep in mind that services of stellar quality do not come cheap, so if you expect luxury, be prepared to pay for it. Nevertheless, you can find fantastic spas of different sizes, specialisations and prices on the Booksy app and on our website!

Arrive first, leave last

There is nothing worse than getting stressed on a day that was supposed to be your most relaxing one – if you can, arrive for your appointment a little earlier. This way if any disturbances happen, you don’t have to worry about not making it in time. Let it be a traffic jam, a bus running late or having to go home to get a forgotten purse, nothing will move you out of balance. Spa receptions are usually very nice places where you can wait for your appointment in peace, listening to calming music, reading magazines and drinking a cup of tea offered by the receptionist. It’s best to spend 15 minutes this way than to sweat it behind the wheel while calling to apologise for running late!

Similarly, do not rush it at the end of your stay. Unless the spa staff asks you to hurry up, make the most of your time. You are allowed for 15 minutes more in the steaming room? Take the chance! The receptionist encourages you to check the wellness area? Go for it!

Use the steam room ahead of your treatment

Arriving earlier has one more advantage – if the spa you are spending your time at has a steam room, it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to warm up your muscles and prepare yourself for massages and other treatments. Of course, you should always ask your therapist and/or other specialists that will see you that day for permission to precede the treatments with a steaming session, but most probably they will encourage you to do it. It’s not only an additional source of relaxation but will also make their job easier and enhance its benefits.

Let your therapist know if you are not comfortable

Massage therapists, cosmetologists and other spa professionals are trained to provide you with treatments that bring positive effects to your health, both physical and mental. Spa services are supposed to be pleasant – even the most intense massages should not bring you severe discomfort. This is why you should always inform the specialist that you are in pain, feel sick, are nervous, scared or distressed. Remember that spa staff members work with multiple clients daily and are prepared for even the weirdest of questions! If you are not sure if something you experience is normal, bring it up immediately. Always be polite and respectful, but do not hesitate to inform about things that don’t seem right. Massages and other health & beauty services are very personal and listening to your own body is a must. A true professional will take your words seriously and offer alternatives that will make your treatment as pleasant as it should be!

A spa day is an investment in yourself – you should always leave feeling better. Sounds like something you need right now? Reach out to one of the spas listed on Booksy – our professionals will be happy to provide you with the spa day of your dreams!

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