5 beauty trends that will dominate 2023

5 beauty trends that will dominate 2023

Each and every year brings us fascinating twists and turns in what is considered to be in fashion right now, and interesting changes in the approach we take towards skincare, haircare and makeup. 2022 had its distinctive aesthetic, and for the better part of the year, we’ve been running around with rhinestones on our eyelids, 70s blowouts on our heads and eight layers of gloss on our lips. Now, the pressing question is – what are the hottest trends awaiting us in 2023? Let’s look at some of the predictions!

1. A big comeback of the side part

For the last two years, there has been a war going on between members of Gen Z and Millenials regarding which type of hair parting is best – the currently trendy middle part (Gen Z) or side part (Millennials). If you are a part of the latter and drowning in the nostalgia for your high school days, we have good news. As with everything, the carousel of trends comes full circle once again and the middle part trend seems to be fading away, with the side part craze timidly sticking its head out of the abyss of obsoleteness. It’s not as radical as the deep side parts of the early 2010s, but who knows how far things will go!

A big comeback of the side part

2. Hatching of the “butterfly haircut” trend

Now, you may be wondering – what in the good graces is a butterfly cut? We have survived wolf cuts and are now being promoted from canines to instincts? Let us explain. While “wolf cut” was basically a fancy name for a shagged, multi-layer mullet, “butterfly cut” is roughly the same hairstyle, but with shorter layers on top, blended into much longer long layers that fall below the shoulders. This particular style gives your hair lots of volume and movement, and is somehow simultaneously edgy and romantic.

Oh, and while we are on the topic of animal-named hairstyles: look out for the octopus haircut as well. It’s yet another mullet variation, with heavy curtain bangs, full, rounded layers on top and long, tentacle-like locks on the bottom. Can’t wait to see what other animal will inspire fashionistas this year for yet another take on the classic mullet!

Hatching of the “butterfly haircut” trend

3. A shining success of the “candlelit brunette”

Rich, warm hair colours seem to be rising in popularity, and one of the most interesting trends emerging from this shift is the “candlelit brunette”. What is the colour behind this undoubtedly poetic name? It’s a beautiful, warm shade of light brown that glows amber when sunlight hits it. What’s great about this trend is that it’s relatively easily accessible for many of us – it’s not an extremely deep or light shade, so there’s no need for very radical changes, such as bleaching your hair to oblivion or coating it with very dark dye. Furthermore, “candlelit brunette” is universally flattering and looks very natural. If you are a fan of hair colours that look genuine or are currently taking a break from whimsical dyes, it can be just the option for you.

A shining success of the “candlelit brunette”

4. Chebula, chebula everywhere

Last year we were all blessing our skin with niacinamide and ceramides, now it’s time for yet another skincare ingredient to collectively lose our minds over. In 2023 it’s all about chebula. Chebula is a herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. When used in skincare, it is said to be the most powerful antioxidant yet discovered. Its superpowers include minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone, smoothing, firming, and brightening.

Chebula is currently most often used in serums, but will probably start popping up in many different products throughout the year. If you are a skincare enthusiast, definitely check it out!

Chebula, chebula everywhere

5. The rise of the “coquette aesthetic”

Think Lana del Rey in the 2010s. Think Lily-Rose Depp. Think Anna Taylor-Joy. “Coquette aesthetic” is a mix of a borderline stereotypical depiction of femininity with a more adult, sensual style. It’s hyperfeminine, yet deeply self-aware. “Coquette” is a celebration of femininity that does not take itself too seriously, and that’s where all the charm comes from. This style defies the harmful pigeonholing of traditionally feminine women as immature, shallow and silly by celebrating these so-called “frivolous” things. Pink? Yes, please. Lace and pearls? Of course. Heart-shaped sunglasses? Is that even a question? A modern coquette is unapologetically a girly girl and thrives because of it.

“Coquette aesthetic” takes the makeup world by storm, with its winged eyeliner, prominent pink blush and pouty, blurry lips. Top it with big, sultry eyelashes, soft, mauve-y eyeshadow and a shiny complexion and you have the hottest look for 2023. We are taking notes, and you?

The rise of the “coquette aesthetic”

Whether you decide to try out any of these trends or do your thing this year, an appointment with your favourite hair stylist, nail tech or beautician will definitely help you conquer the winter blues and start 2023 with an upbeat attitude. And where can you find the best health & beauty professionals in your neighbourhood? On Booksy, of course! Schedule your visit with just a few clicks thanks to the best booking system you’ve ever used. ❤️

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