How to create an at-home spa day in 6 easy steps

How to create an at-home spa day in 6 easy steps

Let’s face it: most of us absolutely love going to a spa, and those who do not should stop lying immediately. With all seriousness, spas are temples of relaxation capable of soothing even the tensest muscles and stressed out brains, so there is no wonder that we strive to visit them. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for a plethora of reasons, from chronic lack of time to financial restrictions (not to even mention COVID-19-related lockdowns). This is why it is a brilliant idea to learn how to create an at-home spa day for yourself and indulge in a healthy dose of self-love from time to time. Both your psychical and mental health will thank you for that! So, let’s establish 6 straightforward steps to creating a wonderful spa experience in the warmth of your home!

Step 1: Light candles and turn on your favourite playlist

When it comes to creating an immersive spa experience, preparation is key. Anyone can simply rub the skin with oil and take a bath – it’s the details that turn a simple skincare process into a relaxing ritual.

When it comes to music, we recommend going towards one of these three options:

  • Traditional spa music – you can find many playlists for it online.
  • Your personal favourite – hey, any music can be spa music if you play it during your ritual!
  • Realistic relaxing sounds – such as rain, gurgling brook or distant storm. They will create a very unique atmosphere and will be the perfect choice if you want to completely cut off from everyday life.

Candles can be a tricky topic. There is no denying that they are very climatic, but you need to keep some things in mind when buying and lighting them. First of all, if you are going for the scented ones, make sure you will be able to bear so many senses at once without getting a headache. When your bath products, oils and moisturisers are quite fragrant already, an additional source of smell may be simply too much. Scented candles usually deliver quite the punch, so ensure that a.) you are okay with it and b.) the smell is pleasant for you personally. How we perceive fragrances is a very individual matter, so if you are shopping for anything aromatic, preferably do it in person.

Another issue with candles is that they are a health hazard if not properly secured. Do not burn them around anything that can catch fire, place them stably on inflammable surfaces and never leave them unattended – make sure they are all in your sight. If you have pets, close the door so that they cannot suddenly burst in and take interest in the candles. Watch your hair, dressing gown or any other loose, flowy materials around fire sources and never touch a candle while it’s still burning to avoid getting soaked in hot wax. You do not want your relaxing spa day to turn into a tragedy and safety should always come on top of a cosy atmosphere!

Step 2: Warm some towels

Don’t even try to skip this one. It is absolutely crucial, believe us. The devil is in the details – what is that one thing at the spa that is so small that you do not pay too much attention to it directly but immediately boosts your mood? Getting a soft, warm towel of course!

To mimic that sensation, take your favourite towel (it doesn’t have to be a fancy one, but of course, if you are in possession of cloth of serious luxury, it’s definitely an occasion to use it!) and run it under hot water. Then wring it out until it’s damp and no longer soaking wet and put it into a microwave for 30 seconds. Ta-da – now you can enjoy your additional piece of comfort!

If you want your towel to have a beautiful aroma as well, you can add a few drops of essential oils onto it before you wet and microwave it, but do so with caution. Essential oils can be quite harsh on the skin if not diluted properly and many people are actually allergic to them. Use oils from respectable sources and never go overboard with the amount used!

Step 3: Dry brush your body

Dry brushing is a fantastic way to exfoliate dry skin, unclog pores, reduce the appearance of cellulite, boost your blood circulation as well as the lymphatic system and, most importantly, get some serious stress relief. Make sure to always do it before you take the bath and that your body is completely dry – it’s absolutely essential!

Begin from your ankles and move upwards in long, slow, circular motions. After legs, take care of your arms, again brushing upwards. Use a clockwise direction on your stomach and then move towards the direction of your heart. Do not apply too much pressure – it should be relaxing, never painful! Repeat the process at least three times, preferably a little longer.

Step 4: Take a hot bath with a bath bomb

On a scale of pure, thoughtless pleasantness, bath bombs are somewhere in between drinking fizzy lemonade and popping bubble wrap. They are just so cool and weirdly satisfying – you just pop one into the water and see it fizzing, unfolding and filling your bath with colour, aroma and moisturising properties. You can buy a bath bomb in almost every drugstore in the UK, however, if you are seeking a truly special experience, check the assortment of Lush, the Body Shop or Bath and Body Works – they are the undisputed icons of bumbling awesomeness!

When in the bathtub, try to wind down as much as possible. If you are unable to relax without additional sources of entertainment, take your favourite book with you or watch something on your phone, although be very careful – your smartphone is not a bath bomb, once dropped into the water will not start to fizz and smell pleasantly but rather die a horrible death! The optimal length of time to relax your muscles and soothe the mind is about 15 to 30 minutes. Do not stay much longer than that – our skin is not prepared for prolonged periods of full-on soaking so it’s best to stop at half an hour mark!

Step 5: Moisturise your body from top to toe

Now that you are clean, relax and pampered, it’s time to give your skin some additional love. Depending on your needs and skin type you may either go for something rich and oily, delivering your dry skin all the moisture it needs, or for something light, soothing and quick to dry, perfect for summer days and skin that gets clogged pores easily. Again, Lush, The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works are full of fantastic options, from lotions and conditioners to butters, and they come in a plethora of scents.

Step 6: Bask in your own damn glow

Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy your refreshed and rejuvenated body and maybe get a delicious snack, as all of this mind and body care has definitely left you feeling terribly hungry (especially if your scrub smelled of strawberries, the bath bomb of vanilla and the moisturiser of chocolate). Enjoy yourself and make sure to repeat the process as often as possible!

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