Most popular types of wax – which will be the best for you?

Most popular types of wax - which will be the best for you?

Last time we had a serious talk on whether shaving or waxing is a better hair removal method. Although there was no definite answer, as everything boils down to personal preference, there is no denying that waxing has many benefits and for many will be the superior hair removal technique. However, what beginners may not know is that there are a few different types of wax used for hair removal, each of them coming with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at different types of wax and see which one will be perfect for you!

Types of hair removal wax

To put it simply, wax for hair removal can be applied either hot or cold, and can be either soft or hard. They differ when it comes to ingredients and behave differently on your skin.

You can opt for:

  • Hot hard wax
  • Hot soft wax
  • Cold soft wax
  • Strip waxing
  • Sugar waxing

What is hot hard waxing?

It is a hard wax hair removal method known also as “strapless wax”, as it does not involve using any kind of straps or muslins to remove the wax. The wax itself is applied warm and hardens as it cools.

Hard wax is applied directly to the skin in a much thicker manner than in other techniques. Once it hardens, the waxing specialist removes it manually. What’s crucial is that it should always be removed in the direction of hair growth – otherwise it can cause ingrown hair.

Hot hard waxing – advantages

As you are not using any straps, the wax itself is not clinging to the skin, making it a great waxing method for small and sensitive areas. This means that hot hard wax is perfect for the face, as it will remove unwanted hair from your lip or nose areas perfectly. It also works well for bikini areas and for armpits.

Hot hard waxing – disadvantages

When performed incorrectly, hot hard wax hair removal can cause painful ingrown hair and skin irritation. It is also not ideal for large areas, such as legs or back, as it can cause breakage of hair towards the end of the pull.

What is hot soft waxing?

It is arguably the most common method – and for a good reason. It requires pre-heating the wax (it should be comfortably warm, never truly hot, despite the name!) and pressing a cloth strip to the skin which is then gently removed.

Hot soft waxing – advantages

A big advantage of this method is that it is very accurate and ensures instant and precise results. It’s super efficient with picking even the tiniest strands of hair and the strips should be applied only once per area. This makes the hot soft wax a very popular choice, not only for small areas such as eyebrows, but also for bigger ones, such as legs.

Hot soft waxing – disadvantages

It’s not a secret that hot soft waxing can be quite painful. It sticks to the skin very thoroughly, which on one hand allows for impressive results, but on the other can lead to pain and irritation. It’s important to visit an experienced specialist if you are planning to try this technique – and to avoid DIYs, as it’s very easy to hurt yourself or even burn with excessively heated wax. Although many people know how to use hot soft wax, not all of them know how to use it safely!

What is cold soft waxing?

Finally, we have the cold soft waxing which is gaining popularity in recent years. It is either applied directly to the skin or comes prepared on a strip. It is arguably the easiest waxing method, so many people decide to try it at home.

Cold soft waxing – advantages

As mentioned before, it’s relatively easy to do at home, as it is less messy and there is no risk of a burn involved. It is also rather gentle on the skin and many find it to be the least painful method. It is recommended for large areas, such as legs, arms and back.

Cold soft waxing – disadvantages

As it is the least painful, it is also arguably the least effective method of waxing. It can leave some hair here and there, and you will probably need to work on a particular area a little longer. For some, it can also be quite painful (the opinions vary) and can lead to irritation due to the necessity to repeat the application several times.

What is strip waxing?

The phrase “strip waxing” may either refer to one of the aforementioned methods which involves using a strip of fabric to remove the wax (soft waxing) or to pre-made wax strips that you can purchase in a ready-to-use kit and use at home.

Pre-made wax strips – advantages

Ready-to-go wax strips are designed to be used at home, and therefore very convenient and mess-free. They do not require purchasing any additional products and you are not likely to hurt yourself with them. They are perfect for travel as well!

Pre-made wax strips – disadvantages

They are not the most effective waxing method, as they do not pick all the hair perfectly. They also work better for smaller areas as they do not spread as easily as a warm wax does.

What is sugar waxing?

Sugar waxing is the most natural and organic method of hair removal, with ingredients for the formula including sugar, water and lemon juice. It’s important to note that despite the name, sugar waxing is not really a waxing technique – it’s more of a depilatory technique. It’s yet another method that works well for DIYs.

Sugar waxing – advantages

Because it is made solely from natural ingredients, sugar waxing is not likely to cause unpleasant side effects. It’s super gentle and rarely causes irritation. You can use it multiple times over one area without problems.

Sugar waxing – disadvantages

It’s not as effective as other removal methods and requires working on one area for a longer period of time. It will not remove all your hair perfectly, leaving the finer strands untouched, and does not work well for those of us who have particularly thick, strong hair.

If you are thinking about trying a new waxing method, or are a waxing newbie altogether, it’s best to book a professional waxing service. You really do not want your waxing journey to start with some massive irritation or worse – an actual burn! Fortunately, you can find the best waxing salons in your neighbourhood on Booksy – the coolest booking platform in the UK! Compare prices, check reviews and make your appointment with just a few clicks using Booksy web or better – download the convenient Booksy app for the full experience.

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