Tips on Visiting a Newly Reopened Salon

Tips on Visiting a Newly Reopened Salon

All across the globe, stylists have had to close their doors due to COVID-19 restrictions. Now that salons have reopened, that could leave you wondering about the procedures you will need to follow the next time you’re visiting a newly reopened salon.

The following tips will keep your health and safety in mind, along with the health and safety of others, so that you can stop wearing a quarantine haircut and feel like yourself again. 

Because even though it’s important to get the perfect summer look that expresses your unique style and helps showcase your confidence, making sure you’re following all the necessary safety protocols will help your trip to a newly reopened salon go smoothly.

Schedule Your Appointment Ahead of Time

Making sure to schedule appointments ahead of time is probably the most important tip, since walk-in services have become a thing of the past. Almost all salon professionals are requiring advanced appointments. And it’s easy to book sessions online with Booksy

Ready for your next beauty or wellness service? From massages to facials, we’ve got you covered. Book your next appointment in just a few taps

To book an appointment with Booksy, simply download our app and start typing in the service or treatment that you’re looking for. Then choose from a list of places where you can work with a professional who’s ready and waiting to give you an updated look for this summer.

Schedule Your Appointment Ahead of Time

Be Prepared to Spend Extra

The salon industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our data shows that more than 80% of our business owners had to close their doors. Although the United States government offered small business loans, many industry experts were told they weren’t eligible. 

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the prices of your favorite services may have increased, since the last time you booked an appointment. Simply be ready to adjust your budget and try offering generous tips, which really can go a long way. 

Prepare to Pay Electronically

The phrase “cash is king” has come and gone. Instead, paying electronically has become the new norm, since health officials are asking people to avoid using paper cash. 

Remember that contact-free electronic payments minimize the spread of germs that cause COVID-19. Also know that Booksy offers electronic Pay By App features to make sure that when you’re visiting a newly reopened salon the experience is contact-free. 

Even if you prefer tipping in cash, keep in mind that exchanging money is widely frowned down upon. So, we’ve set up an in-app feature to help that’s called Tip Now, Book Now, Visit Later, which lets you tip electronically before the appointment. 

Tip Now BooK Now Visit Later

Monitor Your Health

Staying on top of your own health is more necessary than ever right now. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include coughing, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or a sudden loss of taste or smell. 

Keep a close eye on yourself, because your stylist will be very cautious about servicing someone who shows any signs of illness. To simplify this process, check the Booksy app and fill out a COVID-19 Pandemic Consent Form.

This simple step only takes a few seconds. But it lets you confirm that you’re in good health and that you haven’t been showing any symptoms. You will also be able to confirm that you haven’t been around anyone who has been exhibiting symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Check for Published Safety and Health Rules

Every stylist had to to update their safety and health procedures, while following established guidelines to ensure people stay healthy. Many industry professionals have made their changes visible to the public to make sure clients feel comfortable, when inside the salon. 

Check online to confirm that your stylist is taking every precaution. One way to make sure that a salon is following all of the required protocols is to look for the Health and Safety Rules feature, which may be published on the profile of your salon professional.

Stylists who publish this list of safety rules are declaring that they understand the importance of customer safety. It also gives them the opportunity to add any additional custom measures they have been implementing for your safety.

Check for Published Safety and Health Rules

Have a Plan if You’re Early

Salons can only have a very small number of people within their workspace at any given time. Be ready to wait in your car, if you’re early. Also know that your stylist may need a little bit of extra time to sanitize their station. 

To make sure you know exactly when your stylist is ready, Booksy offers the I’m Ready feature. This tool lets salon professionals easily notify you, when it’s time to come into the salon. And it will help eliminate any additional time that you will need to spend standing around inside while waiting for your appointment. 

Practice Self-Care to Stay Calm 

Eliminate stress before your appointment by practicing self-care at home. Although there’s a long list of ways to practice self-care, do what feels right. Consider taking an online yoga class, working out with a fitness instructor remotely, having a healthy meal, or meditating.

Remember that working with your hair technician is part of your self-care routine. This experience should help make you feel much more normal. That said, this final step will help keep you calm and collected during this hectic time, so that visiting a newly reopened salon feels relaxing.

Practice Self-Care to Stay Calm

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