Holiday Gift Ideas for Him that are Winners Every Time

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him that are Winners Every Time

The trick to nailing your holiday gift this year is to go for products and services that they will actually use. Who said practical can’t be luxury? Sometimes the best gifts are the go-to standards but dialed up a notch. What does he reach for all the time? Let’s build from there.

Whether you’re shopping for the person who “already has everything,” or it’s the day before Christmas, we have your back. Here are some simple, fun gift ideas for almost every type of man in your life—from friends, to loved ones, to coworkers.

1. Shaving travel bag

Guys who take their grooming seriously, or even somewhat seriously, own the products. The shavers, the clippers, the extra razors or blades. The pomades. So what do you do if that’s the case?

Well, do they have a travel bag or storage bag?

These bags come in handy more often than not. Especially when traveling. Even if your person doesn’t travel all that often, they could probably use something to put it all in! Plus, you can never go wrong with an understated storage unit.

Shaving travel bag

If this is the route you want to go, why not do one better and set him up with a refreshing barber appointment? His barber can not only give him a wonderful service, but also give him a few pointers on the best way to use his new kit.

Book Appointment

2. Bluetooth speaker

Do you know someone who always has the best music playing at the kickback? Or has a song suggestion at the ready? This person no doubt has a love for music. The perfect gift for any music head is a Bluetooth speaker.

While a little pricey at first release, now speakers of this variety are so common you can get them for a decent price, around $30 or so. Someone might ask this person to pull out the speaker (it’s a common thing in barbershops—if you know, you know) at any time. Your gift would save the day.

3. Wireless charger

Everyone has that guy in our life that is always on the go. Whether they’re traveling, active in sports, or hang out with everyone, they never seem to be home unless it’s time to sleep. You know who I’m talking about.

What would be extremely useful for this type of person is a wireless charger. They can take it from the barbershop to their next appointment, and never worry about the percentage on their phone.

Wireless charger

4. Year-long subscription

When I was young, my dad would give his friends Men’s Health Magazine subscriptions as part of their Christmas present. If you’re thinking of an out-of-the-box gift that’ll always be useful, think about gifting that guy a subscription box or service.

Subscription boxes work exactly like magazines. Every month, it comes straight to their door. For instance, Nest is for fragrances. Lumen is technically not a subscription, but they have the perfect grooming and hygiene bundles.

If you don’t want to commit to an entire subscription, most subscriptions also have gift cards available.

5. Service provider gift card

Don’t forget grooming! Give that special guy in your life the gift of a haircut on you. Everybody loves to be treated every once in a while, which would be a great little perk. Haircuts don’t set you back much, too.

Some barbers and barbershops offer gift cards or exclusive holiday deals, so be sure to ask their barber if that’s an option. Of course, if you know that guy doesn’t have a barber in their life, gift them a service from one of the talented barbers at Booksy. They’ll be in good hands.

6. Beard kit

Let’s face it. Every beard owner has their own specific routine. That doesn’t make shopping for said routine an easy task. A simple workaround, however, is the life-saving grooming kit.

You know the drill with holiday gift sets and kits. Travel-size products in simplistic, neat packaging. With multiple products for the lucky recipient to try out, there’s more of a chance they’ll find something to enjoy. Maybe even the entire kit!

Beard kit

7. Backup razor

This gift is perfect for friends or work acquaintances. There are tons of unique (and expensive) razors and shavers out there. Some even go upwards of $200 and $300. Well, not everyone has that kind of money to spend on a fancy, brand-new, state-of-the-art razor, right?

Solution? Go for the old faithful choice, and make sure your person doesn’t have to run that errand for their next tool. Give the gift of security and usefulness. For instance, we all know Gillette, right? Check out their line of holiday razors, or any other similar products. To make the gift a little more special, add a gift card from a service pro and a comb, along with beard oil.

Hopefully, the question of how to shop for them has become a little clearer with this article. What do you think you’ll be picking up this year? Let us know, and good luck!

8. A complimentary service

Sometimes guys are too busy to think about making an appointment for themselves. And perhaps, even if they are swinging by their barber regularly, they might not think about all the other relaxing and rejuvenating services available.

You can make his whole week by gifting a service you know they’d enjoy. Click or tap the link below to explore services in his area.

Booking the Whole Family

Did you know that you can now book your Family & Friends on the Booksy app? This is a huge time saver when you’re already so busy during the holiday season. Simply add your loved ones under your own Booksy account and book them for services. It’s simple and convenient…and just in time to make your season bright.

You can explore more about the feature here.

Happy booking and happy holidays from Booksy.

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