3 Ways to Go Back to the Office in Style

3 Ways to Go Back to the Office in Style

The weather’s chilling up a bit, the beaches are less crowded, and the trips are dwindling down. It can only mean one thing: Summer’s drawing to a close. In its place, reminders to stock up on supplies, calendar invites, and emails galore. It can only mean one thing: You have to go back to the office.

Going to the office, especially after vacation, isn’t always the easiest thing. But just because vacation’s over, it doesn’t mean the fun’s over too. At least, for the most part. A new season is starting. And with a new season, comes the urging to switch things up.

Why not start with yourself?

Go Back to the Office in Style

Change it up with dye

When some of us need a transformation, or even something a little different, we go straight to our hair. With all of the sleek and vibrant styles out there, it’s a no-brainer. Changing your hair makes you look and feel like a completely new working professional.

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So what should you know about hair dye if you’re doing it yourself? Because let’s face it, there’s some things the back of the box can’t tell you. What should you keep in mind, for instance, when you’re coloring corners?

Colorist and hairstylist extraordinaire, Sam Carter, is also a Booksy Ambassador. She’s known for making dyed styles of every degree look breathtaking—no matter if you’re going for an explosion of color or simple highlights. And, she has tips for making sure your dyed hair looks great.

No one wants to log onto Zoom or step back into the office wearing a hat because of a “bad hair week”. Let’s talk about an expert tip Carter has for mastering coloring those baby hairs. 

Even the tiniest hairs carry weight. “I don’t want to put weight with the foil,” she says. “They’ll most likely slip off. So I’m just going to take a little bit of lightener and brush it on my comb, grab those hairs, and brush it with my comb.” 

When you use a comb and lightener instead of foil, your dye will be more consistent. It’ll flow seamlessly with the rest of your hair color. This also works if you want to touch up your roots.

Of course, you don’t have to go into dye alone, or without professional help. If you’re ready to take that step and get a professional dye job done, for a completely new look, feel free to start your search on Booksy. There, you’ll find expert hair stylists, like Carter, devoted to using your hair to create a brand-new you.

Blend your beat like a pro

There’s no true way to “master” makeup. And, like your nails, your face is a blank canvas for you to explore different techniques and styles that work best for your benefit. 

Even still, like everything, makeup has a few tricks people follow to help them get to their ideal look. That’s where celebrity makeup artist and Booksy Ambassador, Nikki La Rose, comes in handy. 

La Rose is based in California, and believes the greatest makeup looks are only as great as their base. Without a good base, she says, the rest of your makeup won’t perform well. She gave us her expert tips about how to get there. 

What do we talk about when we’re talking about the base? Think face makeup: foundation, concealer, primer, etc. La Rose says that focusing on these aspects are what you need to hone in on to keep makeup in place.

“When you use primer, think about where your makeup looks the worst at the end of the day. For most, it’s the T-zone. Inner corners of your nose and your cheeks. Try using it just in those spots and see how it wears after that,” she says.

She suggests using minimal primer—only for problems of concern. Why? Because it’s all up to good skincare and foundation to be the star of the show. You never need an excess of products, just the right ones.

“Never go in with a bunch of powder, that’s going to make you look super cakey, and we don’t want that,” she says.

What Nikki does to give her foundation the perfect beat? A beauty blender. She notes the tool as something so versatile and so strong when it comes to keeping makeup in place and blended. 

If you need to touch up during the day, use the blender you had that same morning. It’ll already have some of the foundation you previously used, and will transfer that extra foundation to what needs more. That way, Nikki notes, your blending will stay on point, and you use less product. 

Plus, when you are refreshing or touching up, “Your makeup is going to be more compliant when you’re trying to move it around if you’re using the blender. You can blend it back in without disrupting the makeup around it. It always works for me and my clients. It also works for smile lines,” Nikki notes.

Nail perfecting your mani

Let’s face it, when we’re sitting at home all day, there’s not much motivation to get your nails done. But, remember: a mani might be just what you need to get you back into the corporate spirit. After all, who could miss the opportunity to treat themselves? 

Nail technician, influencer, and Booksy Ambassador, Tacarra “Spifster” Sutton, knows exactly what makes manicures pop. A nail tech of seven years, she’s known around Instagram for intricate, exciting, and long-lasting designs.

So after your appointment, if you want to make them last longer, Spif has just the solution. She mentions that one tip she likes to give clients and nail techs is to cap nails. 

“Make sure you’re capping the top of your nails with your base coat,” she says. “So that way, you can prevent them from chipping later on, and the color can stay at the tips of your nails.”

It’s so annoying when we have pesky little chips on our nails—seemingly from nothing at all. This ‘Spif Tip’ is the perfect way to ensure your vibrant mani won’t chip.

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