Support Small Businesses While Social Distancing

Support Small Businesses While Social Distancing

We all have at least one small business that we turn to when times are tough. And right now, more than ever, it’s important to remember the businesses who were there for us when we’ve needed them the most. 

Their support may have meant a haircut before a big job interview, an updo the day of a wedding, or a much needed massage during a stressful period. Despite their many different services and products, small businesses have taken care of us by supporting our needs. 

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, small businesses employed 58.9 million people and provided jobs to about half of the private workforce in America. And companies with less than 100 employees had the largest share of small business employment, according to an SBA report.

The message is clear—small businesses are important to our daily lives, especially within this country. If you’re interested in returning the favor, then support some of your favorite small businesses. Read on for a few tips that you can do right now, without ever leaving your home. 

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Tip Online Today

Tipping is important for any business. It gives committed clients and loyal regulars an opportunity to show appreciation for hard work. But as you can imagine, tips are even more important for small businesses that are literally fighting to remain open.

If it’s not already clear, check with your favorite small business and confirm the best way to electronically tip. And for Booksy merchants, consider using our #TipNowBookNow feature

By choosing to tip via the #TipNowBookNow feature, you will be able to show your support by donating $10, $20, or $40. That amount will be forwarded to the business owner, as Booksy won’t receive any part of your donations. But our payment provider will apply a 2.69% + $0.30 fee for processing the transaction.

Tip Online Today

Turn to Small Shops for Health and Wellness

Oftentimes, small shops build rock-solid reputations for selling organic products and providing hard to find, customized services. And that’s because small businesses work so closely with their customers making it easier for them to meet specific, specialized needs. 

Quality skincare products, stress relief candles, cruelty-free meats, organic face masks, vegan vitamin packs, and even chocolates designed to help you stay beautiful are ready and waiting. 

To start making a more conscious decision to support small businesses while social distancing, learn more about their health and wellness items. A simple online search can go a long way. 

But don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and dial your favorite shop. Or, send a quick email for information that you can personally benefit from or share with others. 

Purchase Gift Cards 

Things can and will normalize soon enough and small businesses will reopen their doors. Until that’s the case, stick with the basics. Remember that purchasing gift cards from your favorite small business can and will help them stay afloat. 

And with Father’s Day around the corner, there’s yet another reason to buy gift cards to keep your loved ones happy, while helping businesses earn income that they need to survive. 

Use Booksy’s gift card feature to order gift cards from stylists and barbers, who are ready to make sure your next visit is taken care of. If the business owner sets up this feature, simply select the “Services” menu and click the icon that reads “Buy Gift Cards Online.”  

Booksy business page

Don’t Assume a Business is Closed, Instead Show Support

Avoid making assumptions about your favorite small businesses. Instead, take a few minutes out of your day to checkout their website, since they may have closed but reopened. 

Remember that the government recently offered loans, so small businesses could cover payroll costs, interest on mortgages, rent, utilities, and other expenses. 

Once you’ve confirmed that your favorite small businesses are still up and running, check out their social media pages, where you can show your support. 

Many small businesses depend on their loyal customers to follow their Instagram pages, like their Facebook groups and write positive reviews via apps like Booksy. And by sharing their stories on your social media pages, it’s easy to spread the word about a business that you love. 

Book Ahead

Many states are ready to reopen across the country. For example, parts of upstate New York are expected to reopen by the end of this week, according to the New York Times.

This means that now’s a great time to book your favorite services. Because you’ll be able to choose the time and date of your next appointment and pay upfront. Schedule your next session today to support small businesses while social distancing. 

Use our online tools to take care of your scheduling needs. If you don’t already have Boosy, just click here to download the most widely used scheduling app for beauty and wellness professionals.

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