Make Someone’s Day with an eGift Card

Make Someone’s Day with an eGift Card

During this time, it’s important that we support our loved ones and show them that we care. Although there’s a long list of ways to let someone know you’re thinking about them, we created just one more way. 

Now, it’s possible to send an eGift Card directly through the Booksy app to let someone know that they’re special. Feel free to spread the love to family and friends by sending them a haircut appointment or massage therapy session that’s already been paid for via an eGift Card. 

Scroll through the Booksy app today to take a look at the services that are available for eGift Card purchase by simply viewing different Booksy profiles in your area. Look for the eGift Card icon, which will appear on the Booksy profile of participating merchants.

Remember that giving someone an eGift Card via Booksy can help businesses in your community get back on their feet. And it also lets you take advantage of a easy-to-use process. Read on for a few more details about how and why it’s a great idea to make someone’s day with an eGift Card. 

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Take Advantage of a Simple Process

With an eGift Card you will be able to send a redeemable credit for a haircut appointment, hairstyling session, or a wellness service like a back massage. There’s a long list of possibilities. Once you order and purchase the eGift Card, you’ll receive a notification via email—and that’s it!

The person you choose to receive the eGift Card will also receive a message via email. That message will let them know more information about the service that you choose for them. And it will give them details on how to  schedule their appointment. So, take a few minutes to make someone’s day with an eGift Card!

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Support Local Business

Purchasing an eGift Card will also help your favorite businesses stay afloat. It lets them generate income upfront during this time. And with an eGift Card, you can send one service or several, which may be something to consider, since most people haven’t been able to visit barbershops or salons over the past few months.

This also lets you convince your loved ones try a new stylist, barber, or wellness expert. A number of different businesses use eGift Cards that your friends and family members haven’t visited. Take this opportunity to give someone the incentive to visit a new industry expert. 

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Encourage Contact-Free Payments

Show your loyalty to a salon or barbershop, while giving someone who’s important to you a well-deserved treat. Remember that eGift Cards are all electronic, which totally eliminates the need for exchanging paper money. 

Also keep in mind that health officials are still advising people to conduct contact-free payments to minimize the spread of the germs that cause COVID-19. By sending an eGift Card, you’ll be making sure your loved ones are minimizing their exposure to germs, while looking and feeling great in the process.

And if your favorite Booky professional doesn’t have eGift Cards set up on their profile, share this video with them. We created it to help business owners learn how to setup eGift Cards.

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