Five Reasons Why You Should Book Small This Small Business Saturday

Five Reasons Why You Should Book Small This Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 26th. And if you’re like me, you love the idea of supporting local, independent businesses whenever you can. If you feel like you aren’t doing enough to support small businesses, don’t know how, or don’t get the hype about it, this post is for you. It’s likely that shopping small is integral to helping your community, but there are other reasons why shopping small is important. 

Of course, it’s not all about just shopping small—you can also book appointments small. In fact, most service providers, like nail technicians and barbers, are self-employed. Here’s why and how you can help them out (and treat yourself!) this Small Business Saturday by making the decision to Book Small this holiday all the days after.

1. Booking small supports your community. 

Small businesses keep communities going. Think about it: local shops and services have to pay taxes that go back into helping the community thrive. On top of that, you can meet new people in your area that know everything about where you live. 

If you are big on helping your community by volunteering, donating, or even recycling, consider booking small. It’s just another way to give back and support your home—then there’s the added benefit of treating yourself, as well.

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2. Appointment-making is easier than ever before.

You may think that it’s hard to find local businesses to support, or you might not know how. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to safely support small companies. And you can do just that from the comfort of your couch! For instance, you can shop online, or use an app, like Booksy. 

Booksy is an online community that’s full of small business owners. Our professionals provide a wide range of services, from haircuts to car washes. All you need to do is download the app and choose what you’re looking for. And remember, just by browsing and booking using Booksy, you will have your pick of services to choose from in your area. 

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3. You can find new services when you book small.

Maybe you’re not finding what you came for when you decided to shop small. But, when you book small, there’s a higher chance of finding exactly what you want, and services you didn’t even know could be scheduled online! For instance, did you know that you can book a consultation session with a tattoo artist before visiting the shop?

If you can think of a service, you can probably book it—because no thought is ever too “out there.” So, why just stop at nails or hair styling? Book your next massage, dietician consultation, or spa day with one of our small business owners. And if that sounds like a lot of research, don’t worry, you can find it all on our app. 

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4. Small business owners champion great customer service.

If you’re human, it’s likely you’ve come in contact with less-than-awesome customer service from huge companies. If you book small this Small Business Saturday, there’s a greater chance of that not happening. That’s because small business owners can be more attentive. Since they’re a small operation, they can put more time into being accommodating. 

Think of the last time you were treated with horrible customer service. Was it from a large chain of service providers? If so, look into making a one-on-one appointment with experienced professionals who are committed to treating their customers correctly.

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5. Tailor your experience when you make your appointment.

One of the best benefits to booking small is being able to schedule your appointment, your way. First, you can choose from any service and service provider you want. With an app like Booksy, you can sift through thousands of barbers, hair stylists, masseuses, nail technicians, and more. If you want to get your hair done a certain way, you can. 

Next, you can choose one that fits with your schedule and your desires. You don’t have to call and wait to make an appointment, you can even make one while eating dinner or watching tv—all you need is a time with an app like Booksy, where you can personally put your time on their calendar. 

And finally, you can let the business owner know of any special concerns you might have. Or, you can ask them to come to you! Your next perfect service provider is likely a small business owner, so give it a try!

This Saturday, I’ll only spend money locally. Maybe I’ll order takeout and book a nail appointment, but I know I’ll feel amazing helping out my local community and having a fresh new coat of nails. How do you plan to #BookSmall?

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