The Hottest Red And Black Nail Designs

The Hottest Red And Black Nail Designs

Looking for the perfect two-tone nail color combo? You could go for a cohesive and complementary blend using shades like neutral and chocolate brown or try out a traditional black and white vibe. However, if you prefer something a little bit out of the ordinary that’s still classy yet fiery and invigorating—give black and red nail designs a shot! View our top picks of nail styles with this contrasting color duo below.

Textured enhancements

The use of textured decorative elements like rhinestones, studs, or even coarse glitter is one popular style idea whether you plan on rocking acrylic red and black nail designs or your natural nails.

Matte polish

Give up the gloss and go for a matte polish! You can even ask your nail tech for some red, black, and white nail designs to top off your look.

Standout elements

Choose red or black polish as your base and make just one nail the focal point by differentiating it with a unique design—this style works for any nail shape including stiletto, almond, oval, square, or coffin red and black nail designs.

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Reflective shine

Lustrous, sparkly, or chrome-like nails featuring red and black designs are the ultimate style option for extra eye-catching claws.

Painted nail art

Freehand nail art is a great way of personalizing your black and red mani—especially if you’re planning on getting a longer set with more room for detail, for example some red and black coffin nail designs.

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