The Best Gel Pedicure Designs Out There

The Best Gel Pedicure Designs Out There

When choosing a pedicure type, we pretty much take into consideration the same factors as when picking a manicure–we want our nails to look good and last long. That’s why it’s no surprise that one of the most popular pedicure methods is the gel pedicure. Once you have gel polish on your toenails, you won’t have to worry about coming into the nail salon anytime soon, as a gel pedicure can last up to a few weeks. And with the abundance of gel pedicure styles, you’re sure to find a design you like. Additionally, this pedicure is especially recommended for those going on vacation or planning a trip to the beach. With a gel pedi, you won’t have to worry about chipping, you’ll have gorgeous toenails all throughout your break!

Match your mani

For a fun look, combine your gel pedicure nail designs and manicure designs!

Classic French

Among the most popular toenail gel designs is none other than the French pedicure

Splash of color

Since gel pedicure designs last longer, you can safely choose a color that will remain chip-free for weeks

Get your nails looking flawless with just a few taps. Book your next nail appointment effortlessly

Go for dark

Some of us just can’t imagine their toenails without darker-toned gel pedicure styles

Opt for nail art

Shake things up with some cool and personalized gel pedicure designs!

Ready to get your feet pampered? Book an appointment for a gel pedicure right now!

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