How to strengthen nails

How to strengthen nails

Many of us struggle with weak and brittle nails. Our nails are easily prone to damage and many times you end up chipping or having to cut altogether due to a daily activity like simply washing a cup. So, what are the factors that can harm your precious manicure? It all begins, of course, with lifestyle. By looking at your lifestyle and pinpointing these factors, you can tweak your habits and start working on strengthening your nails. With this guide on how to make your nails stronger, you can say goodbye to breakage and brittleness once and for all!

Why are my nails so thin and weak?

When it comes to weak nails, causes can be both external and internal. From environmental factors to health issues, our nails are always impacted. So what are some of the reasons behind brittle nails? As for external factors, these include overexposure to moisture, not wearing gloves when using harsh chemicals, and regular manicures that, over time, damage the nail plate. On the other hand, internal factors may be connected with a diet poor in nutrients or health issues, such as a sick thyroid, Raynaud’s syndrome, or anaemia.

How to make nails strong

The first step when looking at how to make your nails stronger is analysing daily habits. As you probably know, the main cause of brittle nails is excessively exposing them to various chemicals. But did you know that something as simple as filing them properly can prolong your beauties? Seems like most of us are doing this all wrong, so it’s worth asking your nail expert about filing next time you pay a visit to the salon. In a nutshell, stay hydrated, keep your nails shorter, and don’t forget to moisturise. You can use hand and nail cream, as well as cuticle oil. Finally, invest in a good nail strengthener, and coat your nails.

Nail strengthening products–vitamins & supplements

If you want to take a step further on your journey to strong nails, you can add a biotin supplement to your diet. Most vitamin B complex formulas work in your favour when it comes to hair and nails, however, we recommend you consult your GP prior since in high amounts, they can interfere with other medications. Remember, always see a doctor before introducing any new supplement to your daily routine.

Nail strengthening products–vitamins & supplements
It’s easy to forget, but nail strengthening products also include vitamins and supplements

Best nail treatment for damaged nails

Apart from working to strengthen nails from the inside, there are also ways you can fight weakness from the outside. You can opt for an in-salon nail treatment for brittle nails. An example of such a treatment can be various extras nail salons offer before a manicure. These include an exfoliating treatment followed by a mask, a paraffin wax treatment, hot stones, reflexology, or heated mittens.

Another treatment that people swear by is IBX; by some, it is even considered the best nail treatment for damaged nails out there. This treatment penetrates your nail plate, allowing it to work inside the nail. Containing various repairing ingredients, it creates an interpenetrating polymer network. This network is able to fuse the upper layers of your nail, leading to stronger and thicker nails.

How to grow strong nails naturally

The most important thing to remember when thinking about how to grow healthy nails is that it’s an ongoing process. There is no magical way your nails will become strong and healthy overnight. They will need time to grow and regenerate, meaning you must be patient. If you want to do it as naturally as possible, focus on your dietary habits and shield your nails from external damage. Eat your veggies and proteins, drink plenty of water, don’t forget to use moisturiser, and remember always to wear protective gloves when cleaning your home.

How to grow healthy nails? Be consistent and patient!
How to grow healthy nails? Be consistent and patient!

The best type of manicure for weak nails

Although there is no best manicure for thin nails, as cutting back on acrylics and gel manis is recommended, you can opt for regular visits to a nail salon for a regular manicure. During a basic treatment, a nail technician will trim and file your nails, moisturise them, and pamper them with a nail strengthener. This way, especially if you’re not too good at filing, you can ensure that your nails are properly taken care of, setting you one step closer to strengthening your nails.

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