Learn a Few Quick Tips on Creating Halloween Nails

Learn a Few Quick Tips on Creating Halloween Nails

‘Tis the season for all things chilly, thrilling, and scary! Autumn is in full swing and that also means it’s almost time for Halloween. So, get ready for the colorful aesthetics that come with this time of year: rich shades of browns and reds, along with bright oranges and yellows.

Traditionally, Halloween is a time when people dress up as popular characters, children go trick-or-treating, and everyone involved can have a great time with their friends or family members. Though celebrating might look a little different this year, the spirit is still high. 

My favorite thing about the season, and Halloween in general, is completing my costume from hair to nails. When I think of nails, I already know I’m not that skilled, so I reached out to an expert for the best possible advice on creating an at-home, in-season manicure.

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Learn Halloween Nails from an Expert

Lila Bellemare is a nail tech and Booksy Ambassador based on the East Coast, and she’s better known as bellabuttonz. Lila works with customers from Connecticut and New York. And in both cities, she has a top notch reputation for providing creative, seasonal nail designs. 

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Just a few of her Halloween nail specialities include ghosts, goblins, horror movie villain inspired looks, and scary video game themed art. Because Lila is such an experienced artist who absolutely loves the spooky season, I knew I had to chat with her about all things Halloween. 

From costumes, (Lila’s thinking of creating a zombie look with all the effects), to nails, I learned so much about being a stunner this year. Lila is also an expert at creating glow-in-the-dark nails, mostly because it’s something she loves. 

One of her favorite looks is a Nosferatu set from the “Dracula” franchise. For this specific nail look, fine lines are key. And they were the hardest thing for Lila to master early on in her career.

In fact, Lila loves doing glow-in-the-dark nails so much, she’s decided to release her own exclusive collection that will soon be available for purchase. So, if you’re stoked about nail design, but unable to get to New York that’s okay. You’ll be able to order them.

“The secret to making this look amazing is making sure you have a brand new sculpted full set as your base,” she said, adding that without it, your nails might not glow as bright.

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More Tips on Creating Halloween Nails

That’s not all of the incredible tips this amazing nail tech has for making sure your Halloween nails stun everyone on Instagram. For starters, there’s no wrong answer when it comes to DIY nails. “There’s 1,000 ways to do nail art,” Lila notes. “Art, colors, stickers, even line-work!” 

Don’t worry if you’re not that skilled at creating fine details, when it comes to nail art. Simply look for different stickers and decals that you can add to your nails. There’s no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ way to do the design—nail art is another form of self expression, she said.

“As long as your shape is correct, any art you do will be great,” Lila says. So if you’re already worried about the fine details, don’t be. Simply make sure your nail shape compliments your final look. For instance, this rounded square nail design completes the finished product.

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Getting All the Right Tools and Products

If you’re wondering about some of the things you’ll need then keep reading. Tools and products are important if you’re creating specific nail shapes or designs. Lila said that “making sure you have good gel paints while doing faces and characters is definitely key!” 

Gel nail polish is similar to acrylics, in lasting power and appearance, but it’s made in a slightly different way. Whether you’re completing your look at home or working with a professional, make sure the gel offerings are up to snuff with your ideal art.

If you’re confused about where to head for top-quality polish, Lila suggests Young Nails’ Mission Control Gel, Presto Art Gel, and Tammytaylor. And for some of her best looks, Lila uses a blend of products, so don’t be afraid to combine options!

Always remember, if you’re creating the spooky nail art of your dreams from home, try your absolute hardest. But it’s okay to embrace any perceived mistakes. Art is open to interpretation, so even if you make a mistake, you can still turn it into something unique. 

What’s your favorite thing about Hallloween? For Lila, it’s not just The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” or Beetlejuice. Lila loves all of the amazing nail art she gets to create. So, if you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to book an appointment for a set with an artist who loves being inventive and fearless with her looks—the sky’s the limit!

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