Prom Makeup. 7 Gorgeous Looks You’ll Love

Prom Makeup. 7 Gorgeous Looks You’ll Love

If there’s any occasion to amp up the glitz and look ultra-glamorous, it’s prom. An alluring dress and the perfect, complementary hairstyle are essential—but the secret ingredient to completing the formula of a red carpet worthy look is tying it all in together with a beautiful face of makeup. Still searching for the perfect prom makeup? Here are seven stunning makeup ideas for prom to inspire you!

The perfect match

Create the ultimate harmonious prom makeup look by matching your eyeshadow to your lipstick (bonus points if the color scheme matches the dress too!).

Jeweled details

Makeup ideas for prom that are a surefire way of adding some extra flair to your look is incorporating gemstone accents.

Glossy all over

You don’t need a ton of makeup to look fabulous at prom—go minimal and try some natural prom makeup by keeping your face and eyelids dewy, and your lips hydrated with gloss.

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Fox eyes

While the winged liner is always a go-to option, fox eye liner accentuates the inner corner of the eyes, making it a sultrier variation of cat eye makeup looks for prom.

Glittery pout

Sparkly eyelids are always on par with prom, but if you want a new spin on glitter prom makeup, ask your makeup artist for an ultra-glittery lip look.

Burst of color

For simple prom makeup that isn’t overly involved, choose one focal area to draw attention to with a bold pop of color, like the eyes or lips.

Powdery pastels

Prom makeup ideas that perfectly fit the warm almost-summer vibes are eyelids brushed with soft, pastel hues.

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