Eye Makeup Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

Eye Makeup Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

he clock is ticking. We still have a good few months left of 2023, but before we know it, the year will be over and we’ll be plunging, head-first into 2023—whether we’re ready or not. But before we’re hit with next season’s cycle of trends, now’s the perfect chance to make the most of the current eye makeup trends. What better way to savor the last few moments of the year?

Eyeliner designs

Feeling creative? Freehand eyeliner designs are among the latest eye makeup trends that have gone viral this year—bonus points for using a colored liner.

Go glossy

Double up on the gloss by pairing your favorite high-shine lip balm with glossy eyelids to complete a fresh-faced look if you want to take advantage of new eye makeup trends.

Bejeweled eyes

You can thank HBO’s Euphoria for bringing bejeweled eyes into the spotlight. We saw it peak as an eye makeup trend for spring, but we’ll definitely continue seeing it through the year.

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Bright lids

Vibrant eyeshadow colors aren’t just an eye makeup trend for summer. For 2023, colors that pack a punch are in year-round.

90s throwback liner

Forget liquid liner and grab the pencil—tight-lined and smudged eyeliner will bring you back to the 1990s grunge scene, and it’s especially popular for fall eye makeup trends.

Rusty reds

Rusty reds and copper tones aren’t just in for hair colors this year, they’ve become a staple color for 2023 makeup too.

Colored lashes

One thing to be on the lookout for when it comes to eye makeup trends for winter 2023 are brightly colored lashes in your not-so-typical color scheme.

Multicolor mix

No need for a canvas—make your lids an artist’s palette by choosing your own mix of colors for a polychromatic vibe.

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