Euphoria Inspired Makeup. Recreate Looks From 2022’s Hottest TV Series

Euphoria Inspired Makeup

The long-awaited second season of HBO’s hit show Euphoria has taken the world by storm since its release in January 2022—and as many of the show’s fanatics know, another season is currently in the works and is estimated to air in late 2023 or early 2024. But while patiently waiting for Euphoria’s continuation, you may as well get inspired by some of the show’s most iconic makeup looks and live them out with the help of a professional MUA while standing by for season three.

Gemstones galore

If there’s any look that screams “Euphoria”, it’s rhinestone eye makeup that certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Polychromatic eyes

Want to go for a fun, multicolored vibe? Try out Euphoria makeup with a combination of your favorite eyeshadow colors.

Glitter all over

Go beyond glitter eye makeup and create a Euphoria-inspired aesthetic by incorporating sparkles on to various aspects of your face.

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Vibrant eyeshadow

Accomplishing the perfect Euphoria-themed makeup can be as simple as a saturated swipe of a bold eyeshadow shade.

Creative eyeliner

Playing around with various eyeliner colors and designs is one of the best ways of achieving Euphoria makeup looks.

Full lashes

Of course, no Euphoria beauty look is complete without a fluttery set of falsies! Give it a go by booking an eyelash extension treatment.

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