Hairstyle Appreciation Day. Get Inspired And Celebrate This Day With A Twist

Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Up until now you probably haven’t heard about Hairstyle Appreciation Day. This fun event takes place on April 25 and celebrates the vastness of different hairstyles out there, as well as the people that help us create them. So if you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to visit a hairstylist, this is it! Of course, you can approach this day in various ways, from providing your hair with some TLC, to deciding to try out a new, crazy hairstyle before heading out for Saturday’s party. On the other hand, you might also take this opportunity to reconcile with your natural hair color, texture, or length, ditching your wig or strong hair products. To help you celebrate Hairstyle Appreciation Day, we’ve rounded up different hairdos that can truly get you inspired!

Natural curls

Put your straightener and other tools away, ask your stylist to focus on enhancing your beautiful curls

Space buns

Quirky and fun, space buns can be a cool alternative when it comes to updos

Braid away!

Intricate braid styles can take your look to the next level without the hassle of accessorizing

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Barely touched

Not all changes have to be drastic, you can also opt for a simple hair tip trim

Go colorful

Celebrate not only Hairstyle Appreciation Day, but the approaching summer with a cool, new haircolor

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