Keratin Treatment: Yay or Nay? Everything You Need To Know

Keratin Treatment: Yay or Nay? Everything You Need To Know

Beautiful and luscious locks are something we notice in a person at first glance. So no wonder many of us strive to have thick and healthy hair. Gorgeous hair can make you feel good and help boost your confidence. However, for truly magnificent strands, basic everyday care may end up not being enough. If you haven’t been blessed by Mother Nature with naturally thick and healthy hair, mere washing and brushing may unfortunately be too little. So here comes the question, what can I do to make my locks be in the best shape possible? Well, what we recommend is a keratin treatment.

So what is keratin?

You’ve surely noticed that keratin is an ingredient of many nail and hair care products. What it does is it allows you to maintain healthy and shiny hair and rebuilds brittle and splitting nails. This fibrous protein is the main building block of hair and nails, and it can also be found in the skin tissue. This is why keratin deficiencies become quickly visible even with the naked eye. Hair becomes dull, brittle and weakened, and the same happens with our nails. The epidermis loses its immunity and becomes more prone to damage.

Keratin is the main building block of the hair shaft. Protein fibers are connected with each other by transverse sulphide bonds, which give the hair elasticity. This protein is also a component of the outer sheath of the hair, which affects the shine of hair. So if you have keratin deficiency, the hair cuticle opens and, as a result, split ends start appearing.

So what is keratin?

Who can benefit from getting a keratin hair treatment?

The keratin treatment is much more than a simple hair straightening treatment. It aims to regenerate and deeply nourish the hair with straightening being merely a side effect. The treatment can be great for those who want to tame their hair, improve its condition, and not spend too much time styling it every morning. So if you’re struggling with the following problems, this treatment may just be what you need:

  • Hair frizz
  • Dull hair
  • Thick and curly hair
  • Damaged hair
  • High porosity hair
  • Hair that is difficult to style

What contains keratin used by a hairdresser?

During the treatment, the hairdresser will use a special product, which contains more than just the keratin. This type of cosmetic is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and plant extracts that provide your hair with long-lasting hydration, all while providing essential nutrients. Good keratin products are also rich in fatty acids, which create an invisible yet protective barrier on the hair. It then helps protect your hair from various harmful effects of external factors.

What are the steps of a keratin treatment?

  1. First, the hairdresser will shampoo your hair thoroughly, as to remove any cosmetic residues. They will wash it twice without applying any conditioner or mask.
  2. Next, they will dry your hair and apply the keratin product to the entire length of your hair.
  3. They will leave the product on your hair for around twenty to thirty minutes, allowing your hair to soak it up. After that time they will dry your hair again.
  4. Finally, the hairdresser will use a hair straightener on separate sections of your hair. This will allow the keratin to penetrate into damaged fragments of your hair, smooth your strands and help strengthen them.

What are the steps of a keratin treatment

What can I expect after the keratin hair treatment?

After the treatment, your hair will become smooth, elastic, shiny, straight, moisturized and deeply nourished. It will be much easier to style every morning as well. The effects of the treatment last on average three to six months. Of course, this all depends on the individual type and density of a person’s hair.

What can I expect after the keratin hair treatment?

How can I find a hair salon offering a keratin treatment near me?

If you’ve decided to try out a keratin treatment on your hair, we’re here to help! Thanks to Booksy, you can easily find a hair salon near you that offers such a treatment. You’ll be able to choose a salon with the best location, and then book an appointment for a date and time that will be convenient for you!

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