Top Holiday Hair Trends

Top Holiday Hair Trends

With the new decade rapidly approaching and plenty of holiday festivities ahead, a fun way to welcome the end of the year is by changing up your hairstyle. A dramatic color can help liven up winter complexions, and a bold cut is a great way to shake up your mindset and freshen up your look. A new holiday hairstyle also gives you the opportunity to take a quick break from the hustle and chaos of the season by popping into your favorite salon for some well-deserved relaxation time. We pulled together a list of the top holiday trends in hair, with looks that are sure to stun this New Year’s Eve.

Mulled Wine Hair

Perhaps the most winter-appropriate trend of 2019 is mulled wine hair, a term coined by Harper’s Bazaar. This warm cinnamon color is not only eye-catching, but it adds a pop of heat now that our summer tans are fully faded. Recently spotted on Rihanna and Zendaya, this not-quite-natural look is both pretty and striking, especially for women with warmer complexions.

Bright Blonde Hair

For women with naturally cooler, fairer complexions, another option is the holiday trend of bright blonde hair. Whether paired with a bob—in the style of Debbie Harry and Sky Ferreira—or a longer look, bright blonde color is alluring and timeless. According to Harper’s Bazaara deep conditioning mask can help keep your processed hair healthy and soft, a must if you plan to pair the color with a longer cut.

Party Pearls

For a dreamy, delicate party look, take a page out of hair artist Lacy Redway’s book. She adorned a set of bobby pins with fake pearls and dotted them throughout actress Lupita Nyong’o’s low loose bun. The effect was equal parts festive and ethereal, giving a basic updo a romantic twist. To  recreate this look at home, all you need are faux pearl craft beads, some bobby pins, and a hot glue gun. Glue the fake pearls to the tips of your bobby pins, and once they’ve dried, stick the pins into your updo throughout your hair.

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Bronze Highlights

With shorter days and less sunlight, your natural color may need a boost. One of the top holiday trends in hair is bronze highlights. This flattering color complements most skin tones, giving dark hair a warm, caramel finish and breaking up the monotony of your winter color. And for a natural look with less upkeep, ask for a bronze balayage.

70s Waves and Blunt, Shaggy Bangs

The past year has seen a resurgence of retro looks, from 60s-inspired makeup to 90s and early aughts fashion. When it comes to hair, the 70s are back in a big way—70s volume, 70s layers, and 70s waves. Opt for blunt, shaggy bangs and face-framing layers for a volume-enhancing look that’s easy to maintain. 

Buzzed Hair

For anyone looking for a dramatic change in their look this holiday season, consider losing the length. A buzzed head is a fun, dramatic hairstyle that’s flattering for a variety of face shapes and easy to maintain. You can even experiment with bleaching your buzzed hair and dying it different colors without worrying about damage or breakage. The ManeAddicts blog published an informational post about everything you need to know before opting for the ultra-short look.

The Pixie

If you want to go shorter, but you’re not sure if a full buzz is the look for you, ask your stylist about a pixie cut. This classic look is dainty and feminine, with stars like Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn popularizing the cut. And if you want to give your pixie a modern edge, consider pairing it with a new color, whether that’s natural-looking highlights or a pastel dye.

The “Lob”

The “lob,” or the long bob, is a popular haircut that’s slightly longer than a traditional bob. Where a bob is cut to the chin or slightly shorter than chin-length, a lob is cut between the chin and the collarbone. The cut has gained popularity in the past few years because it’s nearly-universally flattering, with the Huffington Post even christening it “the haircut that works for everyone.” Celebrities from Kerry Washington to Emma Stone are currently sporting the pretty look.

The “Lob”
Lisa Lane @ Colour Bar Salon

The Soft, Blunt Bob

The bob was one of the most popular haircuts in 2019, and according to Popsugar, the soft blunt bob is the 2020 update. This version is similar to a classic bob, but rather than a sharp, straight-across cut, the look is softer and more grown out. The key difference between the two looks is that with the soft, blunt version the “perimeter of the haircut looks thick but slightly piecey,” according to celebrity hairstylist David Lopez.

While these are a few of the top holiday trends in hair, your stylist can help you choose a cut that flatters your face shape and bone structure, as well as color that suits your complexion. The Trenspotter blog also published a helpful post that can help you pick a haircut based on your face shape.

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