Best Treatment for Damaged Hair: Professional Treatments to Book Now

Best Treatment for Damaged Hair: Professional Treatments to Book Now

Who doesn’t dream of beautiful and sleek hair. Unfortunately, most of us mortals have to regularly take care of our hair, use various products and get treatments, to truly have those lush locks. Sometimes even though we always had healthy-looking strands, our hair begins to break, split, and in addition becomes dull and without shine. What does this mean? That our hair may have become damaged. In such cases our everyday hair routine may not be enough and it’s best to seek a professional treatment for damaged hair.

What does it truly mean to have damaged hair?

Quite often people mistake damaged hair for dry hair. Although there is a big difference between the two, it is kind of a square and rectangle situation. Damaged hair is usually dry, while dry hair doesn’t have to be damaged, it can simply be dehydrated. Hair damaged from washing and drying will immediately become dry and puffy. On the contrary, dry hair starts showing the “dry” effect several hours after drying. Additionally, damaged hair has a tendency to break and have split ends which isn’t something that you can see with dry hair.

What does it truly mean to have damaged hair

Visit a hairdresser and get a treatment for damaged hair

Sometimes even despite our best efforts, the condition of our hair is still not the best. If you’ve been trying out various home remedies but nothing seems to work, it just may be the time to visit the hairdressing salon. There, apart from the usual haircuts and coloring services, we can also count on professional treatments that can improve the appearance and health of our hair.

At the salon, a specialist will assess the condition of your hair and select the appropriate treatment. Treatment options range from moisturizing, through regenerating, to nourishing. The hairdresser can give you a keratin treatment, use Olaplex, or go for a scalp treatment. All of these are professional treatments, so you’ll be able to see and feel the effects immediately.

So you really shouldn’t worry if you see you’ve got damaged hair, with today’s beauty services you’re definitely not doomed to have weak hair for the rest of your life. To help you decide what treatment may be best for you, we’ve made a list of a few highly recommended services you can book at your hairdresser.

Visit a hairdresser and get a treatment for damaged hair

Keratin treatment

You’ve undoubtedly heard of this service before, as it’s been one of the most popular hair treatments for over a decade now. It’s such an often choice as it can instantly deliver smooth results for several weeks. This type of treatment is especially recommended for those with curly or frizzy hair that tends to live a life of its own. After getting this service you won’t have to worry about using a flat iron or styling products for many weeks.

Many clients opt to get this treatment just before various special occasions, as the process is fast. Additionally, the great thing is that your hair feels strengthened and smooth immediately after you step out of the salon.


Another popular treatment with many satisfied clients, Olaplex is definitely an all-time favourite. This treatment really works magic on damaged and dull hair, helping to restore it to its best possible version. So how does it work you may ask? The effectiveness of this treatment lies in the bond-bridging formulation that helps rebuild disulphide bonds within each hair strand. These bonds get naturally broken when you often use a flat or curling iron, or color your hair frequently. If you dye your hair often or tend to overdo it with the heat styling, Olaplex may just be the best hair treatment for damaged hair you can get. It can also be a good option if you want to repair severely chemically damaged hair.

Scalp treatment

People often focus so much on the hair that they forget what a key role the scalp plays. You can’t have thick and luscious locks without having a healthy scalp. A typical scalp treatment will include a delicate exfoliation that can help remove the build up of hair follicles. This leads to a balanced and healthy scalp, can help stabilize oil production, and improve hair growth.

Scalp treatment

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