Find Out the Latest Hairstyle Trends This Season

Find Out the Latest Hairstyle Trends This Season

Here at Booksy, we keep a close eye on what’s up-and-coming in the beauty world. Our talented service providers give us the best inspiration to look to when thinking of the hottest looks. 

And what’s the best part? When you’re ready to make the leap, service providers on Booksy are able to help. In fact, the photos you see on the post are all provided by our barbers and stylists. If you find a photo you love, find a service provider in your area. And ask them to recreate a look that we described.

Without any more delay, let’s get into what we’ve been seeing on both sides of the spectrum. Find out what hairstyles women and men are wearing this season.

Unique hairstyle

Hairstyle Trends for Women

For starters, short hair is the star of the show. No matter who you are, you’ve probably been seeing your favorite celebrities and influencers wearing their short hair proudly. We love it, and see no signs of “less is more” slowing down soon. 

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Making hair minimal is definitely the most popular decision among feminine hairstyles. Shaggy and short cuts have been popping up on celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Debby Ryan. Whether the style is a pixie cut or a bob, the ease and simplicity of having less hair to work with seems to be the motivator for most doing the chop. 

Even so, there’s a multitude of ways you can style short hair. So, if you’re thinking of a big change, but not sure what, maybe it’s time to let go of that length. But if you’re lost on ideas, we’ve got you covered. Some of the most popular short haircuts we’ve seen lately include the angled bob, undercut, and layered pixie cuts, in addition to mullets and shag. 

Angled Bobs

Angled bobs are named perfectly. This look will have your hair stop at just around your ears, like a standard bob. The difference is that instead of the hair all being one length, hair in the front will be longer than the rest, creating a sharp angle.

Have you ever seen someone shave a portion of their hair, and wondered what they told their stylist or barber? Here’s the answer: undercut. Recently, we’ve seen undercuts where the back of the head is completely shaven, like Halle Berry. How will you style yours?

Angeled Bob haircut

Pixie Cuts

If you know you want short hair but want a new twist on a cute classic, think about going with a layered pixie cut. It takes the best of two beloved styles and puts them together, adding extra oomph to your look. Layers add volume and intricacy, while the pixie keeps things simple and playful. 

You can also try a razored haircut to switch things up a little. This style is named after the tool used to make it happen. Using a straight edge razor blade, the cut will have ends that are more thin, as well as a wavy shape. A popular way to add to this style is getting curtain bangs or angling the hair. 

Pixie Haircut

Jagged Haircuts

Next up, jagged haircuts. This is different from shaggy hair, even though they sound like they would look the same. Essentially, jagged layers as opposed to the sleek ones mentioned above add a fresh, laid back look for those who don’t want to mix it up too much. Adding layers to this hairstyle is quite popular for getting volume.

Remember, you can always mix and match cuts for a completely different look that’s unique to you. Like the saying goes: Why have one when you can have many? For example, try a jagged pixie if you want a short, messier-looking cut. 

Side-swept bangs are a popular way to add more to your short hair. For instance, if you have an undercut, you might consider a long, dramatic bang to add more spice to how the front of the cut looks. And of course, dye and highlights are a quick, easy way to add individuality. 

How do you plan to add your personal spin onto these trends and classic styles? We can’t wait to see what you come up with. 

So, the bottom line for hairstyle trends if you identify as female: Maybe you’ve been dying to live out your 80s mullet dreams — now is the perfect time. Go for simplicity as opposed to intricacy, and you’ll kill the game, all while looking flawless.

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Hair Trends for Men

Now that we’ve looked at what’s trending for women, next, let’s talk about hairstyle trends we’ve seen on the radar for those who identify as male. Maybe every time you sit in the chair, you tell the barber “The usual.” What about something new? Especially now—when there’s so much to explore with your hair.

From shape-ups, to buzz cuts and fades, amazing new short hairstyle trends are making their mark, so if you’re the market for a new look, now is the perfect time. Experimentation is the current wave. Let’s talk about how. 

Buzz Cuts

For a while, people universally disregarded buzz cuts. Not in a time where short hair rules, though. Buzz cuts are coming back in a big way, proving that even if you only leave about an inch of hair, you can still look incredible. Dye it, shave a pattern, frost the tips — the best thing about hair is that it’s your decision. 

Buzz cut

Classic Fades

The fade is another popular haircut that’s still in style. Simply, a fade is a haircut that looks like the ends fade into your skin. In other words, it’s long on the top and short on the bottom, eventually fading away. For inspiration, take a look at this carousel posted by Will Smith, showing fades from today and the 90s. 


One of the biggest trends that isn’t going away anytime soon is the pompadour. You’ve seen them around, maybe on your friends or family members. When the volume is all on top, leaving shorted sides, you’ve got yourself one of the most sought-after cuts of the 1950s and 2021. 


Flat Tops

If you’re ready for a more daring approach, try out the flat top. Flat tops keep things geometric, and were very popular in the late 80s. Now, they’ve come back in a big way. To achieve this style, make sure the hair on the top of your head is standing straight and flat, almost like a rectangle. 

Don’t be afraid to step out of the box with your new haircut. It’s common to mix and match different styles to find one that matches for you. Maybe you can’t choose between the pomp and circumstance of a comb-over but are intrigued by the daring edge of an undercut. 

Similarly in the vein of blending two different looks, a favorite for barbers and clients alike, especially this year, are designs. To illustrate, have you ever seen shaves that have patterns or shapes woven into the cut? If you’ve always thought about having it done, but aren’t sure where to start, our service providers can help you out. 

Additionally, if intricate designs aren’t your thing, remember, color can come in to save the day. You don’t have to go lime green, but ask your barber about color options that would really work for your skin tone and face shape. 

Those are the hairstyle trends we’ve been seeing as we continue into 2021. If you’re ready to book your next appointment now, consider using Booksy, which can instantly reserve your spot with a talented barber. 

And don’t worry, we’ll be back with more hairstyle trends soon enough. But for now, why don’t you explore our platform to find your next amazing look?

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