Hot Undercuts for Women. Hairstyles That Make a Statement

Hot Undercuts for Women. Hairstyles That Make a Statement

Shaved sides paired with length on top? The undercut is practically the trademark for being effortlessly cool. Throughout history the undercut was a hairstyle that was primarily associated with men—but these days, women are stealing the spotlight by styling their tresses into this edgy and contrasting look. If you think you’re ready for a dramatic chop, check out our selection of undercuts for women that’ll motivate you to go short today!

One-side shave

Undercuts on women look particularly amazing when leaving the top extra-long. So if you’re not ready to say goodbye to lengthy locks, you can still achieve an undercut by focusing on shaving just one side.

Classic undercut

Sometimes you just can’t beat keeping it simple. Variations of the undercut all have their own charm, but a classic under hair shave is as straightforwardly stylish as it gets.

Ponytail with a twist

Shaving off a smaller section underneath the rest of your hair is a great way to achieve a surprise element that can be shown off through ponytails or topknots.

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Detailed designs

Wondering how to shave designs into hair? Your stylist can expertly create your very own customized look by incorporating shaved designs under the hair including patterns, shapes, and figures.

Bright & bold

If designs shaved into hair isn’t for you, but you’re still looking for an undercut style that’s a bit livelier, go for an eye-catching hair color that’ll instantly upgrade your cut.

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