Permanent makeup treatments to book now if you love going makeup-free

Permanent makeup treatments to book now if you love going makeup-free

For some makeup is a passion. They love experimenting with colours, find the process of applying contour, blush and highlighter relaxing and can do a perfect cat-eye in their sleep. For others, it’s more of a “business suit” – an element of daily routine, something you put on to look a certain way when around other people. If you belong to the second group, chances are you are not really keen on playing with makeup more than absolutely necessary and in a perfect world, you would like it to appear automatically on your face somewhere between your morning coffee and teeth brushing. And what if we told you that it is actually possible?

What is permanent makeup?

The name itself is a little misleading, as permanent makeup isn’t really, well, permanent. A more accurate definition would be “semi-permanent”, as it fades over time – very gradually, mind you, but still, it does not have to stay with you forever. But let’s start from the beginning.

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattoo that differs from the traditional inking in a few different ways. Firstly, it is only applied to the top layer of the skin. Secondly, it uses special hypoallergenic pharmaceutical-grade pigments that are much better suited to sensitive areas. The device and technique used are also different – permanent makeup is all about mimicking natural features, such as fine strokes of hair for your eyebrows and soft blush of colour for your lips.

Currently, PMU specialists offer enhancements for three areas of the face – eyebrows (the most popular one), eyelids and lips. You might have also heard about semi-permanent freckles, but it’s still a novelty, offered by very few PMU artists.

Although the starting point stays the same, there are a few different techniques to apply cosmetic tattoos – for example, microblading is all about manually creating precise strokes of pigment using a very fine needle that resembles a tiny blade (hence the name). The exact method is always chosen during the consultation process with your PMU artist, and depends on a few factors – the most important one being your skin type and the goal you want to achieve.

Is PMU a recipe for an effortless “no-makeup makeup” look?

It most definitely can be! Everything depends on your expectations and what a “no-makeup look” means in your book. Semi-permanent eyebrow treatment can give you perfect arches in a colour that perfectly complements your natural colouring. Lip tattooing delivers an enhanced, flushed up look that makes your lips appear fuller than they really are. PMU for eyelids is all about thickening the lash line, which makes your lashes appear fuller – however, you can ask for a full-on eyeliner flick, if you want to!

Pros and cons of permanent makeup

As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages for PMU and not everyone can get it done.


  • It instantly enhances one’s beauty, allowing you to simply roll out of bed with flawless brows, eyeliner and/or blushed lips.
  • It saves you time and money you would spend on traditional makeup
  • It gives you a huge confidence boost
  • It does not require any specific maintenance after the initial healing process.
  • It’s perfect for people who suffer from hair loss caused by factors such as alopecia or cancer treatments
  • It’s also great for people with physical limitations (such as cataracts, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease) who finds it difficult to apply makeup themselves
  • It’s a good alternative for people allergic to traditional makeup
  • It’s not completely permanent, losing its intensity over time, and can be removed with a laser treatment


  • Although relatively safe, it still comes with possible risks, such as infection caused by using unsterilized needles, allergic reaction or keloid scarring
  • It can cause possible complications such as excessive bleeding, swelling or burning
  • There are some contraindications to getting it done, such as suffering from eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma or herpes simplex. You also should avoid it if taking certain medications, especially steroids, blood-thinners or Accutane.
  • The procedure is not especially pleasant and can be painful for some
  • It’s rather expensive, with prices starting around £100 per area
  • It requires an initial maintenance period (while it heals) and a second session after six-eight weeks, so you have to plan it in advance
  • During the healing process, you need to avoid sun exposure, swimming, going to the gym or using the sauna
  • It requires regular touch-ups (although not more often than every two or three years)
  • It’s possible to remove, but you have to do so with laser treatments (which are pricey)

At the end of the day, it’s always up to you to decide whether in your personal case the pros outweigh the cons. For some, this procedure was a literal game-changer – especially those who experienced sudden hair loss or have very indistinctive face colouring naturally (light brows and lashes, colourless lips). Many women who enjoy sports are also big fans of PMU – they feel confident working out with the beauty enhancement that will not smudge or drip off their face with sweat.

If permanent makeup sounds like something for you – we encourage you to choose your PMU artist carefully. Keep in mind that you are going to wear the effect of their work on your face! It’s better to spend a little more and go to a specialist with great experience, a lot of knowledge and an impressive portfolio. The procedure should be proceeded by in-depth consultation, during which you should ask all the questions that are on your mind!

Booksy is here to help you find such a trustworthy specialist – check out the list of the best eyebrow and lashes studios in your area. You can compare prices, check the reviews, view portfolios and schedule your visit with just a few clicks. And hey – if you would like to save time on doing makeup, saving time on booking appointments is the logical next step ??

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