Football-Inspired Looks to Show Off Your Super Bowl Style

Football-Inspired Looks to Show Off Your Super Bowl Style

When you hear Super Bowl style, your mind probably goes right to the dazzling Halftime Show hair, makeup, and wardrobe. And while you probably don’t have a crew of makeup artists and stylists behind you, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some personal flair to the occasion.

Whether your team is in it to win it, or you’re just there for the snacks, Super Bowl Sunday is a great excuse to have fun, dress up, and show your team spirit. So if you’re ready to make your mark like that Super Bowl ad everyone’s talking about, keep reading.

The keys to a standout Super Bowl look? Eye-catching hair, makeup, or nail art, paired with thoughtful accents and details. Read on for our top football-inspired looks that will add some special sauce to your Super Bowl Sunday.

Eyes on the Prize

This year, the Super Bowl gods have blessed us with some gorgeous eye makeup palettes. If you’re rooting for the Rams, you can achieve the signature blue-and-gold look by experimenting with contrasting eyeshadows, or even pairing an eyeshadow and liner in each shade. When working with such bright colors, use primer and a skin-tone base color to improve the pigment and longevity of your makeup. If you’re a Bengals fan, you know what to do: work those tiger stripes. For a dramatic shortcut, try adding orange eyeliner accents to charcoal eyeshadow, or pairing a black liner with orange eyeshadow. Complete the look with a bold orange-red lipstick.

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Not a super fan? Don’t even know the rules? Good news: you don’t have to pick sides with your team, or your style. For a look that screams I’m here for the snacks and friends but I also like to look the part, you can do one of two things. Either choose one team palette for each eye, or choose one eye palette and pair it with hair or outfit accents in the other team’s colors.

And if your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, don’t let that stop you from showing your support. Get inspired with these eye-makeup tutorials for the SeahawksSteelers49ers, and Chiefs. And if you’re feeling extra bold? Don’t forget the eye black.

super bowl style makeup

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Hands in the Air

A Super Bowl party is the perfect opportunity to refresh your mani. Use your nails as a canvas to show off your team spirit every time you reach into that snack bowl.

For inspiration, we’ve gathered up some impressive nail art examples from Super Bowls past. If you just want something football-themed, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true green and brown mani with white accents. For a little more pizzazz, add some glitter or rhinestones into the mix.

There are endless ways to use your mani to show your team spirit. For a no-frills option, pick solid team colors like this Broncos mani. This Buccaneers design celebrates last year’s winner with a combination of the Bucs’ team colors and football-themed details. And for a maximalist option, check out this Carolina Panthers nail art.

For team manis, it’s also important to get the colors just right. For LA Rams fans, we recommend Ring in the Blue Year and Sun, Sea, and Sand in my Pants by OPI. If you want that extra pop of gold, try Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer. For Bengals nail art, we love Essie Tangerine Tease and OPI Black Onyx.

super bowl style nail art

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Touchdown Threads

Dressing the part is probably the easiest and most common way to show off your Super Bowl style. But repping your team can be so much more than throwing on a jersey.

If classic team merch is your vibe, consider mixing things up with a vintage tee, sweatshirt, or jersey. Can’t find what you need online? Many local thrift stores stock vintage sports apparel year-round — so now’s a good time to start scouring those racks!

If you aren’t a die-hard fan with an enviable jersey collection, try integrating subtle accents into a neutral outfit. For example, you can dress up a plain tee and jeans with a colorful scarf. Our favorite stylish pick for each fanbase? This tiger striped cashmere silk scarf, and this vintage Lanvin royal blue and gold scarf. But if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to add some team spirit, don’t underestimate the power of a quirky pair of socks.

super bowl style outfit

Hut Hut… Hair!

Super Bowl hairstyles tend to be more on the casual side, which is good news if you’re too busy cooking, or eating, delicious snacks. If you’d like to use your hair to show off your Super Bowl style, here are some simple ways to enhance your look without spending too much time styling.

For effortless Super Bowl hair, you can use temporary hair dye to highlight your strands with your preferred team colors. Or for a less messy option, try your hand at clip-in hair extensions.

If adding color to your hair is not your vibe, let your accessories do the talking instead. Wearing your hair up or pulled back? Accent a high ponytail or braids with velvet or silk scrunchies. If you’re wearing your hair down, look for a headband or silk scarf. You can create a color combo by pairing two items together, such as these royal blue and gold accessories, or just go for the full effect with a handmade branded barrette like this one.

football fans

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