Everyday Lip Care For Beautiful And Healthy Lips

Everyday Lip Care For Beautiful And Healthy Lips

Lips are one of the focal points on our face, so no wonder we tend to obsess over them. We spend time in front of the mirror examining them closely and constantly looking for new ways to make them look even better. So if you’re looking for a chapped lips remedy or want to make your lips look bigger, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of various tips and tricks to add to your lip care routine that will help you get luscious, beautiful, and healthy lips!

Lip Issues

Does at least one of the following sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone!

  • The skin around your lips always seems to be chapped, dry or peeling
  • The border between the lips and skin is blurred
  • Your lips are swollen and you feel pain after sunbathing or being in the cold
  • They’re lacking volume and firmness
  • Wrinkles have started to form around your lips
  • Your lips are either pale or red and swollen

Experiencing any of these regularly? Don’t worry! They are super common and we’re here to give you some tips and resources on how to relieve your lips of any pain or unsightly blemishes. 

Healthy lips

Lip Care

While it may come as a surprise, lips require daily care. You can use special lip scrubs from the store or make your own at home. All you’ll need to do is combine granulated sugar with some olive oil. Effective and natural! 

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Once you’ve got your peeling, take some on your finger and gently rub it onto your lips. Such peeling performed twice a week will make your lips better supplied with blood and obtain a juicier color. In addition, they will be smooth, as the peeling will remove any dead skin cells from their surface.

Products formulated specifically for this part of your face will be the most effective, but you can also use facial products on your lips, such as a mask, serum, or cream. As for the ingredients in these products, look for those that contain vitamin C, moisturizing oils, butters and retinol. What type of products you use on your lips should also vary depending on the season.

During the winter, you should especially protect your lips against the effects of cold air and wind, using a balm with glycerin, aloe, or butter tree extract. This will help prevent you from getting chapped lips that can crack and bleed. In the summer, you’ll need to protect your lips against ultraviolet radiation by using a lotion or lip balm with an SPF filter. At home, you’ll want to focus on rehydrating your lips as they can easily dry out in the warmth.

Lips care

Protective lip balm

You should invest in lip balms that have been recommended by others and that contain good ingredients. These products should contain vitamins (especially vitamin A), oils, and paraffin. You can also opt for an ointment with vitamin A, petroleum jelly, or a protective cream to add to your lip care routine.

Strategic makeup

Makeup can help you correct the shape of your lips or emphasize their blurred outlines. Essentially, properly done makeup can allow you to make your lips larger or smaller, but most importantly–proportionate to your face. So how does this work?

Getting your lips to look bigger

We can create the illusion of bigger lips by outlining their contours. You’ll need a slightly lighter lip liner than the natural color of your lips. The contour should be marked just above the lip line and then blended towards the inside of the mouth. Next, apply your desired lipstick over your entire lips and some lip gloss directly in the center of the lips.

Choosing the right lipstick for you

Of course, everyone can opt for whatever lipstick shade they like, but some colors will simply look better than others. Essentially, it comes down to such factors like our skin tone, hair color, and eye color. 

Light skin tones pair very well with both vivid colors and more pastel ones. A pink lipstick will look equally amazing like a peach, purple, or cherry shade. For darker skin tones, deep and color shades will be amazing. They’ll pop out and make your lips stand out.

Lips color

Even the most neglected lips can be saved with a proper nourishing routine. Remember that there are also many professional treatments that can help you achieve the lips of your dreams. Head to Booksy to browse through these lip care treatments and easily book an appointment!

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