5 Obscure Beauty Treatments that Nourish Your Inner Ghoul

Obscure Beauty Treatments

There’s nothing quite like trying something new to send a bolt of electricity through your veins. After all, routine haircuts can be transformative, but going a little deeper in the services menu can be pure magic. If you’ve been contemplating what’s new or want to wander off the path, then these five obscure beauty treatments might be worth a spell. 

Hydrated Skin

1. Drown Your Skin

Uber hydration is key when you’re going for the dewy look. The right hydrating mask, moisturizer, and wraps all play a part in achieving that flawless it-girl vibe. 

Having said that, you shouldn’t just scoop the nearest moisturizer and lay it on like frosting. Different skin types must approach this individually. 

  • Dry skin can take a lot of moisturizer, but it is typically irritated easily. Gentle ingredients are crucial for this skin type.
  • Combination skin needs two products that address two conditions. One product for dryness and another for oily skin. Placement is key here.
  • Oily skin is naturally nourished. But cleansing and moisturizing are still important for a clear texture. Beware of highly acidic formulas.

Learn more about how to hydrate your skin on this blog.

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steamy sauna

2. Lost in the Fog

Sitting in a sauna or steam bath is a luxury like no other. This is a tiny oasis that does more than just open your pores.

Experiencing the sauna means that you have to completely unplug. No technology allowed. It causes you to be completely present in the moment. While the benefit claims are long and vary depending on who you ask, there are two things they all share: relaxation and improved blood circulation. 

Some cultures see a sauna as a necessary part of their decompression and relaxation routines. Perhaps it should be on your list, too.

deep conditioning hair mask at salon

3. Hair Resurrection

Aka, deep conditioning masks. You need this when your hair is prone to dryness and breakage. Never skip the deep conditioning mask, hot oil treatment, or scalp massage your stylist recommends. That is what keeps your hair from feeling like straw. 

On that note, curly textures are especially thirsty. Those gorgeous spirals can frizz and dry out fast, especially in winter. Sleeping on wet hair, using the wrong pillow case, and never deep conditioning spells disaster. Make sure you add on a conditioning treatment to your next appointment. You can do it in 10 seconds through the Booksy app.

obscure beauty treatments PRP Vampire Facial

4. Vampire Facial

Mortal souls beware, this obscure beauty treatment isn’t for the novice spa-goer. PRP facials get their moniker “vampire facial” from the main ingredient in the process: blood. 

First, your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to separate your blood platelets. This elixir of platelets is either injected or combined with another procedure to aid absorption. 

It helps stimulate cell turnover, collagen production, and gives your skin that highly coveted glass-like texture. Only board-certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and licensed medical estheticians are permitted to perform this procedure. If your local esthetician isn’t able to offer this service, they can refer you to a medical spa or medical office that can help.

obscure beauty treatments black and gold nails

5. Claws Out

Gems, marbling, crinkle effects, encased water, painted designs… the art options are endless. Not to mention the shapes like almond, ballerina, and coffin.

Right now, you might be squeezing in a trip to the nail salon on your lunch break, but consider making your next outing a thing. Get something more intricate that inspires you, celebrates a milestone, or is a showstopper. 

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Experiencing a new or deep-menu service can be just what you need to startle yourself back to the land of the living. You can find unusual or overlooked services on your stylist’s or technician’s Booksy profile. Check out their Menu and Add-Ons to see what services are available.

Otherwise, you can always ask them next time you’re in their chair. One of the best things about your provider is that they get to know you, what your aesthetic is, and your lifestyle. They can usually devine exactly the right look or service for you.

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