Find Your Forever Stylist

Find Your Forever Stylist

When you spend two hours every 4-6 weeks in their chair, you can grow closer to your stylist than you are with some family. Maybe you have already found someone special and for that you get a big pat on the back from us. But in case you are on the hunt for your forever stylist who understands your style, personality, and goals, this article is for you.

Vibe Check

Since you’re courting your suiter-stylist’s work, the most important thing to know is if their work captures your ideal look. There are a few ways to know if you’ll end up with something you’ll fall in love with:


Most beauty and barber professionals will have a presence on Instagram. It’s very accessible for them and allows them to quickly show before and afters of their work. It’s powerful for them and revealing for you. You can search by geotag (location), by style name (like #balayage or #wolfcut), or their direct handle, if you know it.


Not every beauty professional has a website because they are expensive to spin up and maintain. That said, if you’re looking for an established and premium experience, your barber or stylist might have a website. You can simply look them up on the Google machine and peek at their portfolio there.

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Booksy Profile

Booksy is a booking app used across the beauty industry and includes artist portfolios. Every profile should have them. Booksy creates a seamless and no-effort way to book your appointments with top beauty professionals in your area without spending time on the phone. And it also includes their portfolios. So in one place, you can swipe around your stylist-crush, peek at their photos, check prices, and book them. Done.

Woman in a salon

Follow your heart to the Booksy app to find your forever stylist.

Right price, right time 

There are two distinct deal breakers here. You need to know if your beauty professional has services that are priced right for you and are accepting new clients.

This is another way the Booksy app can make life easier. Instead of calling around or trying to dig on their Instagram or website to find out the answer to all of your burning questions, you can tap on Booksy and know in a few seconds. 

No long journey, no hunting. Just the answers you need at your fingertips.

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Do they come with a prenup?

Before you offer your heart, read the fine print. You need to know how your potential significant-barber does business. 

Do they have a generous and fair cancellation policy? How far in advance do you need to book? Do they invest in continuing education? Do they work with assistants? How does their shop do tips?

Strictly speaking, they probably won’t have you sign a thick document or any paperwork at all for that matter. But these are the little things that make a huge difference in your experience in their chair. These are the details that are not usually front and center on Instagram or websites, but it’s worth discovering. Do your research to know if it’s a match made in heaven.

Ready to find your forever stylist? Head over to the Booksy app to start the search.

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