The Ultimate Chevron Mustache Guide

The Ultimate Chevron Moustache Guide

Trends come and go—and it’s no different for moustache styles. We’re now seeing the return of the 1980s staple, the chevron mustache. Falling somewhere between a horseshoe and a walrus moustache, the chevron moustache is angled downwards in a V formation. If you fancy a blast from the past, the chevron moustache can make a modish and hip moustache choice for today’s times.

What is a chevron moustache?

The chevron moustache is the quintessential 1980s look, which is now back by popular demand. Outlining the shape of the upper lip, chevron moustaches mimic, well, a chevron. To define chevron, we’re referring to an upside-down, V-shaped form. It tends to look best on oval-shaped faces since it draws the vision horizontally. But what does a chevron look like in real life? The best examples of a mustache chevron-style are seen on notable figures like Freddie Mercury and Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. And if you search through some family photographs, you’re likely to see a few kindred chevron moustaches from decades past!

Variations of the chevron mustache

The clean-cut, classic chevron mustache may be the most well-known chevron style. It’s undeniably nostalgic with a cool 80s feel. But it can also be tweaked to take on a more modern appearance. There are several other variations of the chevron moustache and ways to modify one. Even dyeing your moustache or changing up your hairstyle can be excellent ways of enhancing a modern chevron moustache. Consider these variations if you’re going for a chevron style:

  • Chevron mustache with beard: Growing your beard out along with your chevron mustache can help enhance it. A modern chevron beard mustache combo looks best with short beard styles. For example, a chevron mustache with a goatee will make a flattering duo.
  • Chevron mustache with stubble: Another rendition of the beard is pairing your chevron mustache with stubble. Leaving some stubble creates a more relaxed look, steering away from that ultra-neat, military chevron mustache appearance.
  • Thin chevron moustache: A thick chevron moustache may be off the table if you struggle with facial hair growth. However, you can still adapt the chevron style to accommodate less facial hair by creating a thin chevron look.

How long does it take to grow a chevron mustache?

Like with other facial hair styles, it varies from person to person for how long to grow a chevron mustache. In most cases, a chevron mustache will take around two to three months to grow out. Wait until your mustache has become dense before shaping it into a chevron style. Facial hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month, so a bit of patience will be necessary to bring your chevron mustache to fruition.

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How to grow a chevron mustache

The classic chevron mustache looks best when full and thick. So, if you have no trouble growing your facial hair, getting a chevron mustache won’t be particularly difficult. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to grow a chevron mustache hassle-free:

  1. Let your mustache grow out. Before you get to shaping, you’ll need to let your facial hair reach the right length and thickness to create a chevron style.
  2. Shave around the mustache. For a classic chevron mustache, remove all your facial hair except the mustache along your upper lip area. But don’t shave off too much! Keep some hair at the ends of the mustache and trim where the mustache begins to slope downwards.
  3. Perfect the chevron shape. Imagine two diagonal lines leading from your nose to the edges of your mouth. You’ll want to follow this imaginary V-shape to create a chevron mustache! Trim and shape your mustache accordingly. Then, clean up the scraggly bits outside of the upper lip.

How to trim a chevron mustache

Once you’ve sculpted your initial chevron mustache, you’ll need regular maintenance work to help keep its form. New growth can cause a chevron mustache to lose its distinctive shape. So, routine trimming is key. How often you trim your chevron mustache will depend on its growth rate. For many people, a twice-weekly shape-up may be enough. But if your hair grows extra fast, shoot for trimming every other day.

High-quality shaving tools and products will give you the best look. This is an essential part of how to style a chevron mustache. When shaping a chevron mustache, focus on keeping the fullness in the middle of your upper lip area. Then, trim the chevron mustache at an angle along the outer edges. Check for symmetry on both sides as you work! Besides regular trims, the chevron is a low-maintenance mustache that doesn’t require extra styling. A splash of aftershave is enough to seal the deal. Avoid overusing mustache wax and other styling products on any chevron mustache styles.

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