The chevron moustache guide – how to grow & style

The Ultimate Chevron Moustache Guide

With facial hair making a comeback over the last several years, it was only a matter of time before the chevron moustache reappeared. Sported by actors and celebrities such as Henry Cavill, Miles Teller, or legendary Tom Selleck, this type of ‘stache is quickly gaining popularity in the mainstream as well. Although most gents can grow such a moustache, it requires time and patience. Fortunately, the chevron is also considered one of the most effortless ‘stache styles as far as upkeep is concerned, making it an excellent option for lads that don’t have too much time for styling. Want to learn more about this classic moustache style? Here’s everything you need to know!

What is a chevron moustache?

One of the most classic moustache styles out there, the chevron moustache follows the entire upper lip and goes beyond the corners of the mouth. The overall outline can be compared to an inverted V shape. A chevron moustache is full and thick and just slightly covers the upper lip

How to grow a chevron moustache?

The first thing you’ll need to remember is that growing out a moustache takes time and patience. But how long does it take to grow a chevron moustache? Well, you can expect that your facial hair will need two to three months to grow the required thickness and length. Depending on your preferences, you can keep your beard or shave, keeping only the moustache bit. Be careful when shaving and leave the part of the ‘stache that is growing towards your shoulder. Imagine a line going from your nose to the edge of your mouth, a symmetrical upside-down V. This is the shape you want to go for. All the rest will need to be cleaned up.

How to trim a chevron moustache?

Once you’ve achieved your desired look, there’s a need for maintenance. You may be wondering how often you will need to trim. Depending on your hair growth cycle, you may need to trim it every other day or twice a week. You just need to pay attention to how fast your moustache grows and keep on top of it. 

As for the trimming itself, since this type of moustache requires little maintenance, all you will need to do is trim the longer hairs with the help of beard-trimming scissors. Go over the edges of the ‘stache, leaving it partially overlapping the upper lip.

How to maintain a chevron moustache?

Considered a fairly easy-to-maintain moustache style, the chevron requires primarily regular trims. Apart from that, you should be careful not to overdo it with styling wax, as the best version of this ‘stache is a tiny bit unruly.

Types & styles

Although there is one “original” chevron moustache, there are many variations you can come by. The styling, the presence or absence of other facial hair, and finally, the unique facial features of each person can contribute to the differences between chevron moustache types. That said, here are five popular styles you can choose from.

Classic chevron moustache

The classic chevron moustache features an almost entirely covered upper lip. The overall shape features an upside-down V, however, without overly sharp edges. This classic version requires the most thickness and length.

Modern chevron moustache

With the chevron ‘stache making such a comeback recently, many lads are trying to update the look. One of the ways you can do this is by opting for a stubble and moustache combo. The classic moustache look remains the main feature but is complimented with a more contemporary stubble.

Military chevron moustache

Did you know that between 1860 and 1916, the British Army required soldiers to wear moustaches? Fast forward to the 21st century, the regulations became more conservative, allowing soldiers to maintain a moustache no further than the upper lip; hence, the military chevron moustache.

Chevron moustache with beard

Although the classic chevron moustache features a clean-shaven face, the contemporary versions of this ‘stache style have become more liberal. Some gentlemen simply prefer to maintain both a beard and a moustache. Such an example was carried out by football player, David Beckham.

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