No-Shave November. The Hottest Beard Styles This Season

The Hottest Beard Styles This Season

Another year has passed and once again we’ve found ourselves with November just around the corner. What is so special about November? Apart from the obvious answer, Thanksgiving, it’s also the month of the No-Shave November campaign. What is no shave november you may ask? Well, for the duration of the month, participants refrain from shaving, all with an important reason behind it. This way they start a conversation about cancer awareness and help raise funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education. If you’re one of those awesome participants, there’s a strong chance you’ve grown some impressive facial hair over the month. And if you’re among those that decide to keep it growing, here are some cool beard styles you can take inspiration from.

Short beard styles

These types of beard styles are great for those that like to keep things simple.

Medium beard styles

If you don’t want to go full on lumberjack, but still want something more than a stubble, a medium-length beard is just what you’ve been looking for.

Long beard styles

Since you’ve been already letting your beard grow out for an entire month, why not let it grow some more to achieve a marvelous wizard-worthy look.

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Long hair and beard combo

Take your look to the next level by growing out both your hair and beard together!

Mustache styles

Beards don’t have to be for everyone. If you want to have some facial hair, but keep it more clean, try out a mustache.

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