Most Popular Men’s Haircuts for 2023

Most Popular Men’s Haircuts for 2023

Popular men’s hairstyles tend to evolve, rather than quickly change season to season. Still, it can be difficult to keep track of the trendiest looks.

Before you fully commit to a new ‘do, consider one important factor: your face shape. The same haircut looks different on someone with a square face versus an oval face. If you have facial hair, consider whether your new style will complement your beard or mustache. And if you’re unsure, definitely check with your barber before you take the plunge.

Whether you want to refresh your look, or you’re ready for a major change, choosing the right style can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure how to choose the right style for you, check out our list of most popular men’s haircuts for 2023.

Buzz cut

Yes, it’s plain, but hear us out! The low-maintenance buzz cut is making a comeback. This military-inspired cut is classic and masculine, and can be great if you want to take accentuate your face or facial hair. Want to mix it up a little? Try a bleached or colored version. 

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most popular men's haircuts for 2023 buzz cut

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Textured Pompadour

The textured pompadour sounds fancy, but it is the most modern cut among the different styles of pompadour. This hairstyle is shorter in the back and sides, with length stacked on top. It’s a great option to add volume to hair, as you can simply sweep the top part of your hair back. A pompadour is great for men with prominent facial hair. Stand out (in the best way) by rocking this bold hairstyle with a sharp mustache or beard.

Textured Pompadour

Twist out

For men rocking their natural hair, the twist out is a great pick. This style is one of the most popular men’s haircuts for 2023, for good reason. Not only is it extra cool, but it highlights the natural volume of your hair. This laidback style also looks great when combined with all different types of facial hair. 

Twist out hairstyle

Comb over skin fade

Think Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders. The comb over skin fade is versatile, and can fit in with different styles and aesthetics. It has short hair on the sides along with a hard part, which emphasizes the brush over. The modern version of this cut begins with a high bald fade, which accentuates the styling above it. To maintain this signature style, you’ll need a medium or high shine hair product to keep hair in place.

Comb over skin fade hairstyle

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Find something you liked on our list of most popular men’s haircuts for 2023? If you’re still unsure, take a look at your favorite celebrities for some additional inspiration. Once you’re ready to make that leap, open your Booksy app or go to the Booksy website, type in your location, and choose a hair salon or barbershop near you. That’s it. Happy 2023 trend-setting!

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