The most beautiful nail colours for dark skin

The most beautiful nail colours for dark skin

Many people have a hard time choosing the nail colour that works best for their skin tone and outfit. Fortunately, those of us with melanin-rich skin have a variety of options to choose from to fit any outfit in our wardrobes. If you have been sticking around with the same nail colour for weeks, it will not hurt to experiment a little bit with bold, neutral and floral tones to compliment your complexion. Here are the best nail colours for dark skin.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a little bolder than your normal blue hues. It has a darker feel than pastel blue but is not as smokey as parliament blue. This nail polish hue works well for spring and summer when floral colours are all out in nature. However, you can still wear it all year long with black to dark blue outfits without looking out of place. You can also intertwine it with aqua blue to create intricate designs on your nails.


There is a lot of beauty in contrast, which makes creamy hues good colours for dark skin tones. By creating a stunning contrast, cream helps emphasize the rich dark tones of your fingers rather than washing out your skin tone. Cream is one of the popular neutral nail colours for dark skin that can be worn with any outfit in your wardrobe and look great.

Bright orange

Bright orange is a bold but undoubtedly very pretty nail colour for dark skin. The vibrant hue works best for casual outings, parties and hot summer evenings. While bright orange washes out pale skin, it tends to highlight deeper skin tones. The darker the skin, the better it is highlighted by this energizing colour.

Fire red

If you want to go bold but still look feminine and flirty, fire red is the perfect colour to pick. This shiny hue works with both formal and casual outfits perfectly. You can wear it with black, dark blue and red as successfully as with white and earth tones.


Chocolate is a colour that works great with earth tones and other neutral colours. It looks absolutely breathtaking on deeper skin tones and visually elongates your fingers. It is also one of the best toenail colours for dark skin as it hides any imperfections on your toenails with ease. Chocolate is best used in a matte finish but there are brands that offer a shiny finish as well.

Like other neutral nail polish hues, you can pair it with any clothing in your wardrobe, whether casual or formal with colours raging from black to cream.

Baby pink

Baby pink is bright, bold, and won’t go unnoticed! Its brightness provides a beautiful contrast against dark tones, allowing you to draw attention to your beautiful fingers. You can also make the hue more appealing by accenting it with the natural colour of your nails. Baby pink can be worn with bright and bold clothing in a formal or casual set up. The hue can work with dark colours such as chocolate and fire red if you want it to be part of the nail art.

Sky Blue

Sky blue is lighter than cobalt blue but looks more daring when contrasted with deeper skin tones. Sky blue is a great choice if you have outfits in blue or green hues. It highlights your nails without being too overwhelming like some of the bold colours we have discussed in this article. You can still use the color with contrasting hues such as chocolate, pastel, and pink to add a fun but courageous feel and look.

Bright white

There are various colours that wash out fairer skin tones but look great on deeper complexions. Bright white is definitely one of them. Besides, it is likely to work great with any outfit that you have in your wardrobe. Pair it with other neutral colours, such as black, to create maximum contrast and showcase the beauty of your hands.


Fuchsia is a little more vibrant than purple and violet, but still darker than pink. If you are looking for a colour that gives you the best of the two worlds, this is the colour to pick.

Most people love fuchsia in a shiny finish. You can pair it with various outfits, including white, cream and red, but it compliments darker tones such as purple and violet just as seamlessly.

Bright berry

Bright berry is a tone lighter than violet and purple but darker than fuchsia. The reason that makes it one of the best nail polish colors for dark skin is that it highlights it beautifully without being too overwhelming. Just like the blueberries, the color also has a cool side to it. It gives you a bold feel but does not distract others from noticing the rest of your look. Its purple hue allows it to be worn with a variety of outfits including black, red, cream, beige and white.

Sand shades

Sand around the world comes in a variety of colours. You will find grays, pinkish, darker tones but cannot fit in any of the main colors on the wheel. If you wish to pick colors of sand, consider starting out with the lighter tone on your index finger and go darker as you move to the small finger. This creates a playful effect when people look at all the fingers at once. You can also go a little playful by contrasting darker hues with lighter ones in adjacent fingers.

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