Nail shapes: the best shapes for your fingers

Nail shapes: the best shapes for your fingers

Any manicurist will tell you the importance of nail shapes, and getting them right is paramount to nail work. In fact, the shape is considered the base of an excellent manicure. What’s more, the shape compliments the choice of colour and designs, making your hand appear even more attractive.

That said, choosing the right nail shape for your fingers is not always easy, but it is an important task that you should always keep in mind. For that reason, it is essential to familiarize yourself with different shapes.

Currently, there are lots of options that you might need to familiarize yourself with, and we can’t probably discuss them all in this post. However, there are six significant shapes that you should definitely be familiar with.

To determine what shape will be best suited for you, it is vital to put into consideration the shape of your fingers, the width of your nail bed, and the length of your nail. From there, consider the following shapes and choose one that suits you the most:

Almond Nail Shape

Generally, almond-shaped nails come with slim slides that taper towards the end of the nail and have a rounded tip. In most cases, almond-shaped nails are ideal for long nails and don’t work so well with shorter nails. Therefore, choose almond-shaped nails if you have long and thin nail beds since this shape is elongated.

Alternatively, you can choose this option if you have slenderizing wide fingers to make your hands appear slimmer than they actually are. Also, if you have short digits, you can go for this option since it will give your nails an extra length.

If you match any of the categories we’ve mentioned above, you might want to consider choosing this option. Try it with nude and neutral polishes, but if you prefer glamorous and girly designs, you can go for them too.

Round Nail Shapes

If your goal is to create an appearance of longer fingers but still want to keep your nails short, you might want to consider choosing this option. Generally, round-shaped nails feature a short length that comes with a curved edge.

For that reason, they are often perfect for a person with wide and subtly elongating short fingers. You can also use this shape if you have narrow nail beds. It is a classic shape that is versatile and easy to use, making it an excellent option for many people.

If you rarely have time to go to a salon, you might consider round-shaped nails. It’s because this shape is easy to maintain even at home and perfect for most nail polishes. You can switch between neutral, bright, or unique tones, depending on the mood you are in or the outfit you are wearing.

Square Nail Shapes

Generally, square-shaped nails are perfect for individuals with shorter nails. You can easily recognise a square-shaped nail by looking at its edge and shape since they tend to have a squared-off tip and straight edges, making them appear classy and neat.

If you prefer longer nails, square-shaped nails may not be the best choice for you, but you will definitely love the square shape if you like the short and elegant style. Square nail shapes are particularly flattering for individuals with thin hands and slim, long fingers. You can also go for a square if you have a long and narrow nail bed.

Generally, square-shaped nails have a subtle widening effect on the hands, and they don’t break easily, making them ideal for low-maintenance ladies. You can pair your square nails with bold, bright, or high-shine polish. They look stunning paired with most nail polishes.

Oval Nail Shapes

If you have short and wide fingers and nail beds, the type of nail shape you probably need is oval-shaped nails. This is because this style has elongating abilities, making it ideal for this type of nail shape.

Oval-shaped nails end in a semi-circle, making them look much like the almond style but with a delicate appearance. Oval-shaped nails have a particular feminine shape, and it helps make wide fingers seem slimmer and short fingers appear longer.

This style is not mainly for individuals with short nails, but you don’t necessarily need too long nails for it. You just need a little length on your nails, and you are good to go. Generally, a few millimetres of free edge that extends past the fingertips should be enough to achieve this shape.

You can pair it with any nail art or pastel hues. You can change the nail polish to match your style and clothes whenever you go out.

Squoval Nail Shapes

If you are in a salon and want to get a manicure and are asked the types of nail shapes you want, but you are unsure which one to choose, you might want to consider choosing squoval. This style is a crowd-pleaser as it combines the neatness of the square shape and the softness of the oval shape.

Generally, squoval is mostly square but with rounded edges. This type of nail shape is the little black dress for finger shapes as everyone can use it. It is flattering, classic, and perfect with almost everything. The squoval shape is easy to do even at home, and it goes with both dark and light polish colours.

What’s more, this shape suits you whether you have short or long nails. If you want to do it yourself, you’ll probably need to use clippers to cut them into the size you want. Use a file to round the corners and get rid of the sharpness. You can match the shape with any colour of your choosing, and you are good to go.

Ballerina/ Coffin Nail Shapes

If you are looking for the best shape for long nails, the ballerina is the answer. It is especially perfect for you if you have long nails that come with narrow nail beds.

This style is named after its silhouette as it resembles a ballet slipper as well as a coffin. This style/shape is characteristically long and narrow, and it dramatically tapers in towards the end, and its tip is squared. This is a style that many ladies admire.

However, you should not go for it if you don’t have long and sturdy nails. In most cases, brittle and short nails are not ideal for this shape. However, if you have short and brittle nails and still want to try the coffin nail shape, you might want to consider trying acrylic nail extensions in that shape.

These nails will require a little more maintenance than natural nails, but they last longer and resist breaks more than your natural nails. They give you a chance to try out different designs since they are plenty of options and are easy to apply.

Tips for Choosing Shapes for Your Nails

As we’ve discussed, there are plenty of shapes for nails that you can choose. But which shape is best suited for your kind of hand and fingers? Well, here are some tips to help you out.

• If you have short fingers, consider choosing round nails. This is because this shape makes your fingers seem elongated and makes wider nail beds appear slimmer.

• If you have wide nail beds as well as long nails, consider choosing the oval shape because it elongates the length and width of the nails.

• If you have slim fingers, the best option might be the almond shape. The shape is quite flattering and easy to achieve as all you need to do is file both sides of the nail and shape the tip by capping the edge to create a peak. Almond makes your nails look cute and flattering.

• If you are looking for a low-maintenance shape, we recommend checking square nails.

• Finally, if you are unsure which shape you want just choose squoval because this shape is practically the universal shape. It can go with both short and long fingers, plus it is super easy to maintain.

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