Choosing the perfect nail colour for winter

Choosing the perfect nail colour for winter

One of the favourite places for many women is their trusted nail salon. It might sound odd, but here, you get an array of nail polish options neatly lined up with various colours. However, since there are many shades to choose from, picking the best option can be bewildering.

In this article, you will learn the different nail colour ideas that will flatter your hands. You will learn about the best colours depending on your age, hands and skin colour. You should indulge in this inexpensive treat and ensure that you enjoy the selection process! The advantage with nail polish is that there are plenty of metallic, jewel-encrusted, shimmery and glittery options to choose from.

Besides, nail trends are constantly changing, and you can always paint your nails to match your outfit so that they become a fashion accessory. You can opt to stick within the boundaries of seasons or wear nail polish as an ensemble.

Nail Color Options for Winter

Even with the dark and gloomy winter days, you can get into the festive spirit by adding some colour to your life. Nowadays, there are plenty of options to consider that are both chic and simple. Nail colours for winter styles can fit all occasions, thus being ideal for the bright and colourful Holidays.

If your preferred colour is red, you should try the classic French manicure featuring red tips. Other popular nail colours for winter include nude, brown and grey. These manicure colours are less intense, but still make perfect options for winter.

If you aim to have some pretty nail colours for winter, you can try adding some glitter and Holiday-themed artwork. You can as well opt for the ombre technique. The advantage of the different nail polish colours for winter is that they appeal to all skill levels. Therefore, beginners can also create modern and stylish looks from the comfort of their homes.

Gunmetal Nails

To achieve the gunmetal look, you need to blend silvery greys with a metallic appearance. Gunmetal nails are ideal for the winter months because they are great if you want something different. These nails offer a futuristic feel while still adding some glamour.

Besides, you can wear gunmetal with nails of all lengths and shapes. You can also pair gunmetal with cool tones like black, silver and dark blue. If you want to add some nail art, there are several options to consider. First, you can paint the nails to have a gunmetal appearance and add a feature nail.

Secondly, you can opt to pile on gold jewellery to have a contrasting look. This is always an excellent way to draw attention to your hands!

Natural Palette Nails

When considering interesting and pretty manicure colours for winter, you can try the natural palette. These colours include nudes, sands, whites, beiges and more. You should consider muted tones for the natural palette because they are easy to wear.

Besides, these tones provide you with an array of settings to consider. For example, you can create subtle differences between each nail. This can make the colouring unique, and it won’t be noticeable at first glance. Furthermore, it encourages everyone to take a second glance at your hands.

The beauty of the natural palette is in its simplicity. This manicure allows you to have great looking nails, especially when wearing chunky knits. You can also complement your nails by dressing in neutral tones. Alternatively, you can create some contrast by wearing something bright and bold like orange or red.

Classic French Manicure

When going for a timeless and elegant look, you should consider the French manicure. You can wear it anywhere, including the workplace and formal events. It’s also feminine and pretty. If you opt for the French manicure, you should wear a pink or a nude base coat and add a white stripe along the top of your nails.

The look works best with longer nails because it can draw attention to interesting shapes like almond nails and coffin nails. Besides, it’s timeless, thus making it appealing for all women no matter their age. It’s also relatively simple, so you can create it by yourself. The look is perfect for the colder months!

Purple Nails

Purple is a great colour associated with sophistication, royalty and luxury. You can try different shades of purple out during the winter, finding a look that will complement your nail length, shape and skin tone.

Furthermore, purple pairs well with other colours, allowing you to incorporate various shades depending on your preference. A good idea is to try out different finishes and effects like matte nail polish or glitter.

Wiggle Nail Art

Nail art enables you to express yourself. Besides, there are plenty of ways to use nail art to achieve a more abstract approach. Wiggles are a unique way of adding colour to your manicure, and you can create them in varying shades. Consider using a nude base coat and then add vibrant wiggles.

Besides, you can paint each nail in a different colour and vary the angle of your wiggles. With nail art, you can experiment to ensure that you end up with the perfect look. For the art to look great, you should consider having longer nails, even though it can work on all nail lengths and shapes.

Black Line Tips

Black is not only bold, but it also demands attention. The colour is associated with sophistication and strength, thus ideal for anyone who wants their nail art to be cool and edgy. There are plenty of ways to try out black, including the chic gothic approach and the solid polish on all nails.

You can add a black line on the tips if you want something subtle. This is the opposite of the French manicure, and it works best with longer nails because they offer more space. Besides, you can pair the black tips with a nude colour, thus ensuring that people get to focus more on your manicure.

Mix and Match Colors

If you have favourite colours, you can mix them on your nails. The mix and match manicure is always easy to wear and simple. You can combine five of your favourite colours, painting each nail in a different colour. Consider choosing shades that complement each other, achieving a more uniform look.

A great idea for winter is to use muted or dark colours because they help represent the change in season. Besides, if you love to stand out from the crowd, you should consider contrasting and vibrant colours. The best thing with the mix and match option is that it requires little skill and no time to complete. It’s a great solution for beginners because you can replicate it in your home.

Benefits of Applying Nail Polish

Improving Nail Health

You will obtain a few hidden benefits even when painting your nails to make them look beautiful. Most of these elements are beneficial to your nails and hands. Nowadays, most organic nail polish removers feature vitamins and minerals in them.

These vitamins and minerals help with the strengthening and conditioning of your nails. Nail polish has added medicinal benefits that deter infections. Besides, you get to clean your cuticles and remove any dead skin from the nail area during the removal process. This allows you to apply moisture to your hands and nails.

Furthermore, if you use cuticle oil, you will notice that it helps make the skin around your nails conditioned and soft. This prevents the growth of any bacteria and fungus, thus ensuring that your nails will not suffer from any infections.


If you have given your nails the best manicure treatment, they will look beautiful and be healthy. Therefore, it’s a great idea to visit nail salons and studios to get your perfect manicure!

The feeling of being pampered will provide a sense of relaxation to your soul, body and mind. Besides, you get to become more confident after conducting the manicure treatment. Going to a professional will give your hands a complete makeover. This is a great solution for beginners because it helps you get the best services for your nails.

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