Wedding hairstyles for short hair that will fit your personality!

Wedding hairstyles for short hair that will fit your personality!

Many brides-to-be decide to grow their hair before the wedding day even if they prefer to have them short because of the (completely untrue) misconception that shorter hairstyles are not “bridal enough”. Fortunately more and more of us decide to embrace their beautiful short manes on their special days, proving how stylish and beautiful a short-haired bride can be. If it sounds like something you want to do, just keep reading – we will help you to get inspired and find a bridal hairstyle for short hair that will fit your personality perfectly!

Short hair wedding styles for the flamboyant brides

Many ladies who decide to rock a short hairstyle are non-conformists with a strong sense of style, huge charisma and willingness to go against the usual patterns. It’s no wonder that they are not really happy with the stereotypical bridal hairstyles. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a desire to look like a Disney princess on your wedding day, there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling like doing the polar opposite either!

What would be a perfect wedding hairstyle for you in that case? Longer top, short sides is an absolute classic. If you have naturally curly (or even better – coily) hair, it’s even more of a banger. Wanna go one step further? A crocheted faux hawk will stun all the guests and compliment your strong-willed persona. A very short pixie cut will be another fantastic option. Pair it with very short bangs for a half-cute, half-spicy look. When it comes to accessories, don’t be shy – short styles love a little additional glam! Big earrings will balance a voluminous top perfectly, while a bejewelled headband is a staple for pixie cuts. Finally, don’t be afraid to play with a little contrast – a very romantic hair clip or comb will look amazing on your short, rock-and-roll hairstyle!

Short hair wedding styles for the flamboyant brides

Hairstyles for romantic short-haired brides

Now let’s look at the other side of the spectrum. You just want to look like you just ran away from a set of the newest Disney live-action movie just to get married. This is great, because short hair looks breathtaking when paired with an ethereal boho dress.

A pixie cut with a low side parting and/or sweeping side bang will fit this style beautifully If your hair’s a little longer, brushed-out finger waves may be just the option for you – they look effortless and dreamy at the same time. Again, accessories will be your best friends. Big flower crowns and flowy veils will add a touch of magic to your hair!

Romantic short-haired bride

Short wedding hairstyles for the sophisticated brides

Are you a minimalist? Do you want to look chic and elegant, but not overdone? We got you! Wearing your hair short has many advantages and one of them is the way they emphasize the beauty of your face. No distractions, no excessive ornaments, just the beauty of simplicity.

Hairstyles for sophisticated brides with short hair are modern and stylish. Geometric cuts are just the way – if you have straight hair, a blunt bob and full bangs will be a great idea. For a more curly texture, try a layered bob instead. A voluminous mane slipped back and texturised is another great idea. For hair that is a little longer and straight you will also look fantastic in a slicked-back low bun. When it comes to accessories, choose tasteful fascinators, short veils and retro bird cages for a little bit of vintage pizzaz!

Sophisticated short-haired bride

Hairstyles for short-haired glamorous brides

Finally, let’s discuss styles perfect for brides-to-be that love a little bit of drama. It’s your special day and you are not going to hold back – you want to be a centre of attention that no one can overlook. We respect that! With these amazing hairstyles, you can be sure that you will charm everyone.

If you like to go a little retro, you will fall in love with an asymmetrical mane of big curls combed to one side. You will immediately become a screen siren, especially if you add a decorative clip at ear level. A wavy chin-length bob is another beautiful option, especially if paired with a delicate framing fringe. Finally, if your natural hair texture allows for it, you should definitely consider finger waves – they are a show-stopper and look the best on short hair!

Glamorous short-haired bride

Short hair may seem like easiest to style for a big event, but it’s actually rarely the case. If you want your hairstyle to have a perfect structure and fit your wedding aesthetic and face features perfectly, ask a professional for help! On Booksy’s app and web platform, you can find the best bridal hair stylists in the UK that will help you achieve the bridal look of your dreams.

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