Wedding hairstyles for medium hair that will be perfect for your face shape!

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Before we take a deep dive into defining your face shape and finding the most fitting bridal hairstyle for it, let’s state one thing loud and clear – the best wedding style for you will always be one you like the most. Of course, articles such as ours can be super helpful but the final choice should always be dependent on your personal taste and the overall theme you chose for your wedding day. With that being said, there are certain hairstyles that can emphasize your features and draw attention to the most beautiful elements of your face. If you feel like getting this kind of inspiration then keep reading!

How to determine your face shape?

Female face shapes are usually categorized into one of six types – oval, round, oblong, heart, diamond and square. Some people distinguish even more, however, to not overcomplicate the matters, we will go with these six. What determines your face shape is the proportions of your features.

Start by finding a mirror with good, symmetrical lighting that allows you to see your face clearly. Now examine it for a moment. Focus on its width and height, take a good look at your chin, temples and cheekbones. What are your most prominent features?

  • Oval – the length of your face is greater than its width. Your forehead (around the hairline) is a little bit wider than your jawline. Your chin is pronounced, but not overly long and sharp.
  • Round – the length and width of your face are very similar. The sides of your face curve slightly with cheekbones being the widest part of your face.
  • Oblong – the length of your face is significantly greater than its width. Your forehead is a similar width to your jawline and your chin is rather long.
  • Heart – your forehead (around the hairline) is the widest part of your face and you have prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin. You may have a widow’s peak, but it’s not always the case.
  • Diamond – both your forehead and jawline have approximately the same width, with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face.
  • Square – your forehead, jawline and cheekbones have very similar width. Your features are strong and angled, especially the jawline.

If you have trouble seeing the differences, take a photo of your face, print it and draw a single vertical line in the centre of your face and then three horizontal lines along the hairline, cheekbones and jawline. It will make it so much easier!

Most flattering medium-length wedding hairstyles for oval faces

Ovals are very harmonious and balanced and they are said to be “the easiest to work with”. As you have been given such even proportions by nature, you can simply choose which element of your face you would like to highlight. However, you may want to avoid hairstyles with too much height on top, as it may make your face seem longer than it really is. Most low buns, french twists and chignons will look brilliant on you, fitting your classic features in a very elegant way.

Oval shape face bride

Shoulder-length wedding hairstyles for round faces

Round faces have a wonderfully youthful quality that is completely unique for them. If you have been blessed with this shape, then you may want to accentuate your soft features and possibly add a little length to them. If you like simple elegance then you should consider a textured lob with long, framing bangs. If you prefer to have your hair pinned up, a high ponytail will be a great idea. Avoid too much volume around the sides of your face – add it on the crown area or below your cheekbones. When it comes to accessories, adding a bejewelled headband is a great idea as it will make your features a little longer – and you will definitely look great with a flowy veil of any size!

Round shape face bride

Mid-length wedding hairstyles for oblong faces

There is something undoubtedly refined about oblong faces and people with this bone structure usually appear polished and aristocratic. Long faces love hairstyles that add some width to them, so if your hair is naturally curly, you should definitely embrace it. The bigger the curls, the better – and you want the most volume around the cheekbones area. For straight hair, an intensive, voluminous blowout will make wonders. If you prefer to have your hair up, choose a big low bun or chignon – it will be the most flattering if placed at ear level. You may want to avoid adding too much volume on top as it will make your face appear longer! For accessories, any headpieces that are supposed to be placed on the sides of your face and draw attention to your cheekbones will be absolutely perfect.

Oblong shape face bride

Most beautiful medium-length wedding hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

If you have mid-length hair and a heart-shaped face then you are already winning – medium length hair adds volume to the bottom of your face, which balances your wider forehead area beautifully. A shoulder-length lob, especially one with a heavily texturized bottom part, will be a great choice. It’s very important to mind where you part your hair when you have a heart-shaped face – the middle part may not be the most flattering for you, consider embracing the deep side part. Finally, when it comes to accessories, heavy earrings will be your best friends – they will not only accentuate your stunning cheekbones but also add some weight to your small chin!

Heart shape face bride

Shoulder-length hairstyles perfect for a bride with a diamond-shaped face

Shine bright like a diamond! The last few years brought much love for people with diamond-shaped faces, as celebrities start to promote the archetype of beauty in which the facial features are definitely sharper and cheekbones are very emphasized. To highlight the beauty of your diamond-shaped face, avoid one-length cuts and go for styles that have more layers. Add volume near the forehead and under the chin – a messy low bun or voluminous french twist will fit you like a glove! Side swept bangs are a great idea, as well as ones that taper on the sides. Anything that will softly frame your face without accentuating the jawline!

Diamond shape face bride

Best hairstyles for brides with mid-length hair and a square-shaped face

Square-shaped faces are very unique with their strongly sculpted features full of intense angles. Brides blessed with this facial structure appear majestic and sometimes even intimidating! To soften your magnificent angles just a little bit choose styles that are fuller at the sides (but be careful not to add too much volume at the level of cheekbones and jaw). Big, old Hollywood-style curls will look fantastic on you, as well as soft, long, wispy bangs. Alternatively, you can go also go with a straight shoulder-length lob, though avoid sleeking all your hair back. For accessories, go for wide headbands and if you feel like adding some serious drama – a birdcage veil.

Square shape face bride

A good hairstylist that specializes in bridal styles will be able to assess your face shape and choose a style that will emphasize all the most glorious elements of your bone structure. Instead of stressing yourself out, put your trust in a professional! Use Booksy’s app or web platform to find the best bridal hairstylists in your area.

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