Our favourite simple wedding hairstyles ideas for long hair

Our favourite simple wedding hairstyles ideas for long hair

Some of us like their hair short, some prefer them middle-length, and some love running through the woods in a swirling long dress with their braids catching every leaf, spiderweb and twig lying around. If you are such a forest nymph yourself, then you know perfectly well that having a long mane is both a curse and a blessing – especially when it comes to choosing a good hairstyle for a big occasion. Bridal hairstyles for long hair tend to be very complicated, and although there is nothing wrong with a little drama now and then, some brides find them a little too over the top for their taste. If you love your long hair and are looking for a wedding style that will do them justice, but at the same time you appreciate the beauty of simplicity, then this article is for you!

Wedding hairstyles for long hair – half-up, half-down

Half-up, half-down is probably the most clever way to style long hair for any big occasion. It’s a “best of both worlds” situation in which you get all the pros of wearing your hair down without most of its cons. It’s no wonder that this hairstyle has gained such popularity in recent years, especially as it fits the most trendy wedding aesthetics, such as bohemian or rustic.

Half up half down long hair wedding hairstyle

Half-up, half-downs are also very versatile. Depending on the details, you can make this hairstyle whimsical and glamorous or simplistic and casual. Half-up, half-down can work with a French twist, vintage bump, soft clip or any type of braid – the possibilities are endless. It is also super easy to accessorise, as you can upgrade it with flowers, ribbons, jewelled clips, bridal combs and decorative headbands.

Half up half down long hair wedding hairstyle2

Most brides that opt for a half-up, half-down style prefer to have their hair curled (unless, of course, they are naturally curly), as adding a bit of texture makes this hairstyle pop. Big, voluminous curls are fantastic for elegant affairs, while loose, beachy waves go incredibly well with boho garden parties. You can easily change the overall feel of the hairstyle by going for a more or less complicated design and adding accessories that highlight the chosen theme.

Wedding styles for wearing your hair down

People with long hair usually feel their prettiest when they wear them down, as this is when one can really appreciate their length and condition. So there is no wonder that many future brides decide to embrace such a look. Surprisingly, this style can also be very versatile. Big, brushed out curls straight out of old Hollywood are classy and captivating, while slightly messy weaves will pair beautifully with a rustic chic.

Hair down long hair wedding style

Now, there is one important thing to remember when looking for inspiration – most of the beautiful hairstyles you can find on pictures online are enhanced with hair extensions (and may even be an actual wig). We are used to seeing wonderful bouncy cascades of hair in movies and on Instagram and are disappointed when noticing that our own do not look this good, especially on camera. If this is something that bothers you, discuss with your stylist the possibility to add some extensions or a half-wig to your wedding hairstyle. You would be surprised how popular this solution really is – nowadays, hair extensions can look so natural, you would never distinguish them from someone’s real hair!

Hair down long hair wedding style2

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with veil

Finally, let’s talk about veils. The important thing here is that veil always needs support to be securely placed in your hair – this is why it’s easier to wear it with an updo than with hair let loose. Veils are usually attached to a comb or a clip that can either be designed to be as unnoticeable as possible or decorative (as in meant to be seen).

Long hair wedding hairstyle with veil

Questionably the hardest long hair hairstyle to pair with a veil is sleek, straight hair worn down. You need a lot of determination and even more bobby pins to keep the veil in place in such a style. Half-up, half-down will be a good solution here – the clip or comb can be easily pinned to the “up” part. All sorts of chignons, buns and braid crowns will pair beautifully with a veil. Keep in mind that a lot depends on the veil opacity – if you want a more complex hairstyle, make sure that the veil is transparent enough for your hair to even be visible! You can also pin it a little lower, or even in two places, symmetrically on both sides of the back of the head, leaving a little gap for your impressive updo to be visible.

Long hair wedding hairstyle with veil2

Choosing a wedding hairstyle is a beautiful experience, but can be quite stressful. If you want to make sure that your dream style is doable on your type of hair and will flatter your overall appearance, ask a professional for help. On Booksy you can find hundreds of hair stylists all over the UK that will be happy to help you on your special day. Together you will find the perfect way to showcase your beautiful long mane in a hairstyle fit for a happy bride!

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