5 stunning wedding hairstyles for 5 different wedding aesthetics

5 stunning wedding hairstyles for 5 different wedding aesthetics

Is the immortal low bun the be-all and end-all of wedding hairstyles that cannot be replaced? Sometimes it may seem like so, as every bridal hairstyle guide includes a ton of different variants of it as your primary source of inspiration. However, with the increasing diversity of wedding aesthetics arises the need for more diverse hairstyles. Let’s take a look at a collection of 10 show-stopping hairstyles that will fit your chosen wedding theme perfectly!

Half-up, half-down + flower crown combo for your rustic fantasy

Weddings with rustic vibes are all the rage lately, with many couples deciding to host their big party in a local barn adorned with wildflowers, old-fashioned lace and string lights. Everyone who is tired of overbearing glamour will definitely feel at home with this theme. If you are a future rustic bride, chances are you plan to wear a lacey a-line and hold a big bouquet of late roses and ferns. Such style will pair perfectly with a loose half-up, half-down hairstyle, preferably adorned with a flower crown. Half-ups, half downs give you the best of both worlds – keep hair out of the face, drawing attention to the eyes in the process, while still allowing for that beautiful effect of a cascade of curls flowing down the back!

Half-up half-down hairstyle

Finger waves for a jazzy affair straight from the 1920s

The 2020s brought back the nostalgia for the glamour of the roaring twenties. Many soon-to-be-newlyweds decide to take inspiration from the 20s opulence, let it be the geometric beauty of art deco or sensual elegance of jazz music. If you or your partner are keen on recreating the famous toast scene from the Great Gatsby, you will need a vintage hairstyle to go with it – and there is nothing that screams “20s!” as loudly as finger waves. Made popular by the silver screen sirens from the 1920s and early 1930s, they work the best on shorter hair, preferably pixie cuts. Pair this style with a glitzy hairband worn low across the forehead for the ultimate retro glamour.

Retro hairstyle

Crown braid for a boho-chic bonanza

Ethereal, earthly, effortless – boho weddings are truly one-of-a-kind. If you prefer loose-fitting silhouettes over tightly laced corsets and gravitate towards soft laces over the abundance of tulle, chances are you will feel the best in boho-inspired wedding attire. And there is nothing that will fit this theme better than a purposely messy crown braid! Overall, any braids will complement the boho aesthetic perfectly, but the crown updo gives you many additional benefits – it’s very comfortable, as it keeps hair out of the face, looks very youthful and is easy to upgrade with flowers or decorative hair clips.

Crown braid hairstyle
A voluminous updo for a whimsical fairytale

Let me guess – you always wanted to be a princess and when you finally have an occasion to look like one, no one can stop you from wearing the most deliberate ballgown and a crystal tiara? We respect that! To add that final touch to your breathtaking apparel, go with a voluminous wedding hair updo made from big curls – you can’t get any more princessy than that. This style is very romantic, elegant and classy – it will emphasize your beauty without taking attention away from your face. A curly updo will also be a perfect background for even the most glittering hair accessories, such as the aforementioned tiaras, clips and combs.

Whimsical bun hairstyle

Straight and sleek for a modern minimalist look

You might want to be a princess when you were a little girl, but now you prefer a much more polished and modern style. Nowadays, many couples decide to avoid the more “classic” wedding look and go for something more contemporary and chic. If your wedding dress is actually going to be a suit, then your hairstyle should also avoid the “bridal cliche”. How about silky straight hair sleeked back with a pronounced straight parting? Alternatively, you can also go with a polished low chignon. Both of these styles will work great with slightly darker makeup and/or bold lipstick.

Sleek minimalist hairstyle
When it comes to wedding hairstyles for brides, there are absolutely no boundaries and rules and you should definitely go for the option that simply sparks joy. Although your wedding theme usually dictates the choice of hairstyles, do not feel obligated to follow it to a “T” – sometimes breaking the rules of a chosen aesthetic a little bit leads to very interesting results! Definitely discuss with your stylist which hairstyle will work best for your features and hair type – a professional will be able to give you valuable advice in that matter. If you are still on a hunt for such a specialist, you can find the best wedding hairstylists on the Booksy website or directly on the Booksy app. Whatever aesthetic you choose you are going to look absolutely stunning!

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