Natural eyelash extensions. What to ask for if you want that natural, wispy lash look!

Natural eyelash extensions. What to ask for if you want that natural, wispy lash look!

When you think “eyelash extensions”, you probably visualize enormous, fluttering fans that resemble butterfly wings. Artificial lashes have the reputation of being the epitome of the word “drama”. And for a good reason – having the opportunity to go “all in”, many people decide to simply go for it, as they enjoy the almost otherwordly beauty of really thick, long and curled eyelashes. However, the theatrical effect is not the only one you can achieve when getting your lashes done – natural-looking eyelash extensions are a thing and they are getting more and more popular. Does this sound like something you could enjoy? If so, then keep reading!

What do you define as “natural lash extensions”?

The name itself may already cause some misunderstandings. By “natural” most people understand “natural-looking” but sometimes also refer to the materials the extensions are made from. Artificial lashes made from organic materials, such as silk and mink fur, tend to be pricier but also lighter, more flexible and less “plasticky” in appearance. Unfortunately, they are not always cruelty-free and definitely not vegan.

What we define as a “natural look” is deeply subjective. Some of us were blessed by Mother Nature with pitch-black, long, curled lashes and will probably deem a full look as “natural”, while others have lashes so light, thin and sparse that anything even slightly more visible will already be “dramatic” for them. Furthermore, we all have different eye shapes and sizes – it’s to be expected that big eyes will require lashes with more volume, while for smaller even less voluptuous fans will be sufficient. Even things like your facial structure or complexion are important factors here.

Overall, eyelash extensions are deemed as “natural” if they look genuinely long and thick without the “I have falsies on” effect. No matter if seen from a distance or up-close, they seem realistic and never over-the-top. They do not cover your eyelids and do not weigh down your eye visually, which can be the case for some dramatic fans. They may resemble the look one can get from using a very expensive and efficient mascara.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to define what you perceive as “natural-looking” on yourself!

The perks of natural lash extensions

What’s interesting, going for natural eyelash extensions brings some additional benefits other than being purely an aesthetic choice.

  • They are safer for your eyes. It’s not a secret that a very intense lash set can literally poke the surface of your eyes, causing pain and irritation. Natural lash extensions are usually much more soft and silky, and their less dense application makes them less likely to cause problems in that area. What’s more, they do not weigh your own lashes down as much, keeping them away from your eyeballs.
  • They are safer for your natural lashes. Artificial lashes that are too long, thick and heavy for what you naturally have can cause damage in the long run. If you are not blessed with particularly durable lashes, something less dramatic will simply be a safer choice.
  • They are easier to take care of. Extensions have to be looked after correctly if you want them to last and not cause you problems. Among other things, you need to wash them every other day (or even daily, if you have oily eyelids – learn more about lash extensions maintenance here). Thick fans require more love and attention, as they are more prone to catching dust and debris.

From the visual standpoint, there are some pros worth mentioning as well.

  • They are much more universally flattering.  Let’s be honest – some people can pull off the intense lash look beautifully, but others literally get lost in their own lashes when they go for a dramatic set. If you have very mild features, small eyes and/or are over a certain age, natural-looking lash extensions will probably suit you much better.
  • They fit every outfit and every occasion. While some love looking bold and glamorous on a daily basis, it’s not a style for everyone – especially if your job requires a more clean, professional appearance. With lash extensions that provide a natural look, you do not risk going “over the top” – subtle fans will add definition to your face without being a distraction.
  • They will look good for longer. Thick extensions usually start falling out faster, simply due to their weight – and you have to keep in mind that the bigger the difference between your natural and artificial lashes, the more noticeable it becomes when they start to fall out. Natural, wispy lashes extensions can easily be worn for up to eight weeks and still look great at the end of that period.

What eyelash extensions should you ask for if you want a natural look?

Classic eyelash extensions tend to look the most natural – their 1:1 ratio paired with moderate length and density give phenomenal results without looking fake. If you need something a little more extra, a hybrid set would be a nice idea – though it’s better to keep the ratio of the volume lashes at 1:2 maximum.

When it comes to the length, depending on your personal preference, features, and colouring, you want to go for something between 6mm and 12mm (at most). Stay away from too dramatic of a curl – the type J (subtle) and B (lash lift) should be your preferred option.

You should always discuss your goal with the lash artist of your choice before starting the process – preferably asking them for some natural eyelash extensions before and after photos first, so that you can assess whether you are on the same page. Preparing some inspiration photos would be very helpful, as it is much easier to show what you mean by “wispy natural eyelash extensions” than to try to explain it.

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