Microblading vs ombre powder brows: which technique rules the PMU world?

Microblading vs ombre powder brows: which technique rules the PMU world?

For many, the answer is clear. The sheer popularity of microblading made it practically synonymous with semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows, to the point that many are not even aware that it’s just the name of one of a particular technique you can ask for when getting your arches done.

However, although microblading will be the perfect option for many, it’s not a one-fits-all solution. This is why today we are going to discuss differences between microblading and another advanced PMU method known as “powder brows” – we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons and create a short guide for choosing the style that will fit you the most!

What is eyebrow microblading?

Let’s start with the basics. Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that involves using very fine, blade-shaped needles to inject precise, hair-like strokes of pigment into the upper layers of skin. The name may sound a little concerning (no one likes the combination of words “blade”, “needles” and “skin” in one sentence!), but the procedure itself isn’t particularly risky or unpleasant.

What effect does microblading provide?

Eyebrows created with this method are very realistic-looking, natural and subtle. It is perfect for people who have thin or patchy brows with bald spots here and there. Well-made microbladed brows provide a hyper-realistic effect that never looks fake or overdone.

How long do microbladed eyebrows last?

After the initial procedure and the mandatory touch-up a month after, microbladed brows are said to last up to two years. However, they fade much more quickly than other semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos – you may notice that the strokes are getting softer after half a year, and 12 months are usually the point where you are going to need another touch-up session.

A lot depends on your skin type and lifestyle – and also on how seriously you treat the healing period. If your skin is on the more oily side, you can expect a more blurred, diffused effect that will start to disappear faster. Furthermore, excessive sun exposure, being carefree about the SPF and lack of suitable skincare may contribute to your new brows fading prematurely. Finally, make sure you are taking care of your ‘bladed brows properly the first month after the procedure – it will ensure their best possible condition and longevity. Read our article on looking after microbladed eyebrows for more guidance!

What are the pros of microblading?

  • As mentioned before, the effect is very, very realistic
  • You can fill in the gaps in your natural arches
  • It fits no-makeup look very well
  • It can visually correct your natural arch shape
  • You can achieve the trendy “fluffy brow” look

What are the cons of microblading?

  • This technique is slightly more painful and unpleasant than other PMU methods
  • It’s also a little more invasive, so you are more likely to bleed during the process and experience some initial irritation
  • This method comes with a slightly higher risk of scarring
  • It is not recommended to all skin types – it’s far less effective on oily and combination skin
  • It’s not as long-lasting – you’ll need touch-ups every 8-12 months

Microbladed eyebrows – cost in the UK

The cost of getting your brows done using this particular method varies depending on circumstances, including your exact location and your chosen PMU artist’s level of expertise. It’s important to always check the microblading eyebrows before and afters in their portfolio to make sure they meet your expectations.

Overall, microblading tends to be a little more expensive than other methods and if you expect pristine results, you shouldn’t cut corners on the procedure. The art of creating really precise, fine strokes is hard to master, so any suspiciously cheap services should be a red flag for you. With that being said, be prepared to pay anything from £150 to £850 (or even more) for your perfect arches.

What are ombre brows?

In the world of PMU, ombre brows (known also as “powder brows”, “shaded brows” or “microshaded brows”) is a name used for semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo method that involves the injection of countless tiny specks of pigment into the top layers of the skin, gradually building up the desired intensity.

What effect do powder brows provide?

This technique allows for a much bolder, defined and fuller look, with a beautifully faded front and a crisp, pronounced tail. They resemble a perfectly applied eyebrow make up more than 100% natural arches, however, the effect can still be very lifelike- everything depends on your preferences and the skill of your PMU artist.

How long do powder brows last?

You can expect much better longevity from this method. When looked after correctly, ombre eyebrows can easily last up to 2-3 years, with some enjoying their arches up to a 5-year mark. After the initial process and mandatory touch-up a month after, you’ll probably need to see your PMU artist again about 18 months later.

Of course, all the maintenance rules apply here as well, so you need to be careful about your SPFs and make sure you allow your brows to heal properly. Nevertheless, it’s important to notice that powder brows have a much lower risk of healing in a splotchy, uneven way, thus reducing the need for additional touch-ups.

What are the pros of ombre brows?

  • You are able to achieve a much more intense, defined arch
  • You can change the shape of your brows completely
  • It’s more comfortable than microblading, as it creates less trauma to the skin
  • It’s not as invasive, so it comes with less initial irritation, bleeding and puffiness
  • It provides a much smaller risk for scaring
  • It can be performed on any skin type, including combination and oily
  • It lasts much longer than microblading and you need fewer touch-ups

What are the cons of ombre brows?

  • You cannot achieve the “hair-like” effect
  • The effect looks more like a well-made brow make-up than a completely natural eyebrow

Powder brows – cost in the UK

Ombre brows tend to be a little less expensive than microbladed, but don’t let it fool you – if you strive for a perfectly shaded, soft look, you should be ready to pay £100 at the very least, with the more realistic prices oscillating around £200-£600.

Again, make sure to check ombre powder brows before and after photos in the portfolio in your PMU artist of choice – not everyone is able to create a natural-looking eyebrow with this method, so it’s wise to ensure you are choosing the right person. Avoid places that seem to specialize in solid blocks of colours instead of gradual, smooth transitions.

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