Everything you should know about Russian Volume lashes

Everything you should know about Russian Volume lashes

Have you ever seen someone on the street and thought to yourself “wow, their lashes are simply divine”? If so, then chances are you have encountered a person with Russian eyelash extensions. If there is a style capable of stopping the traffic, then definitely this is the one. Russian Volume lashes are pretty much a synonym for “drama” and if you are obsessed with lash extensions, you probably already have them, had them done at least once or are planning to ask your lash artist for them very soon.

Now, you may be curious – what makes Russian Volume eyelash extensions so voluminous, fluffy and dramatic? What exactly is the difference between them and classic extensions? Where does the name even come from? Today we will answer all of these questions, so if you want to do some research before getting your own glorious fans done, then grab some coffee, get comfortable and let’s go down to business!

What are Russian lashes?

Russian lash extensions, known also as “Russian Volume” or simply Volume, is a technique developed by a Russian lash artist, Olga Dobronravova. She started attaching little fans of 2-3 lashes to each individual natural lash, instead of the classic ratio of 1:1. She has been creating each individual fan manually, using very fine lashes of the thinnest available diameter at the time – 0.10 and 0.15. This incredibly impressive handiwork paid off immensely – the technique got super popular, outclassing classic extensions for many, and since then been known as Russian Volume.

Russian Volume lashes are known for their fullness and fluffiness. They are usually easily recognizable – they create a characteristic dark lashline, unpaired volume, density and thickness. The technique requires using very fine artificial strands (with a diameter of 0.03-.0.07mm), as your natural lash must be able to support an entire fan.

What is the difference between Russian eyelashes and classic extensions?

As already briefly mentioned, classic extensions are applied in a 1:1 ratio, where you attach one artificial lash to one natural one. Russian lashes come pre-fanned, with little bundles of a few lashes (usually 3-5) being applied to each individual natural lash.

What is the difference between Russian Volume, American Volume and Mega Volume?

As with most techniques, once Russian Volume became popular, variations on it began to emerge. Mega Volume refers to using 6-10 (sometimes even more!) superfine lashes in one fan, which leads to an extremely dramatic final effect.

You may have also heard about American Volume – a newer interpretation of the style, where the artist strives to create a look that is more wispy than what you achieve with traditional Russian eyelash extensions. Russian Volume tends to arch in one line, whereas American Volume involves using extensions of different lengths to create more texture. There is also a tendency to use longer lashes, whereas traditional Russian Volume rarely goes for extensions that are longer than 10 millimetres. There is no emphasis on creating the characteristic dark lashline, and therefore American Volume allows for fill-ins, which cannot be done for traditional Russian Volume.

What are the perks of Russian eyelash extensions?

  • They are very voluminous, fluffy and glamorous, giving you an instant confidence boost
  • They create a beautiful, dark lashline, which can be alluring especially if you have very light lashes naturally
  • They are perfect for people with sparse or thinning lashlines, as they help to fill in the gaps
  • They are very fine and lightweight, so can be more comfortable for the eye
  • When applied in a reasonable ratio, they are said to be a little more long-wearing due to their exceptional lightness

What are the cons of Russian Volume extensions?

  • Although beautiful, they certainly look like artificial lashes – which is not an effect that everyone will find appealing
  • They do not allow for touch-ups – you have to remove them all and then have another set done
  • They are the most expensive lash extensions (pricier than classic and hybrid sets)
  • Getting them done requires at least two hours

How long do Russian eyelashes last?

As with most eyelash extensions, your set will have a similar lifespan to your natural lashes – which means that you should be able to enjoy it for about 4-6 weeks. However, keep in mind that failing to maintain it properly may cause your extensions to start falling off prematurely, and touch-ups are impossible – treat your Russian Volume with care!

How long do Russian lashes take to apply?

As mentioned before, they require very precise handiwork, so you should be ready to spend at least two hours getting them done. Two and a half hours is a standard for most lash artists, and in some cases, the entire application process can take almost three.

Can you achieve a natural look with Russian lashes?

Well, define “natural”! With all seriousness, Russian lashes can be made to look very soft, subtle and flattering, but overall it is not a technique known for trying to replicate a natural look. You can ask your lash artist for short Russian lashes applied in a 1:2 ratio, which, depending on eye shape and face features, should give you a sophisticated, full but not over-the-top effect. Nevertheless, if you are looking for extensions that closely resemble natural lashes, Volume sets are probably not your go-to.

How to remove Russian lashes

And what can you do when you have had enough of your Russian lash extensions, either because they are getting too patchy or because you simply are bored with the look? The best thing you can do is visit your lash specialist and ask them for removal. Taking them off at home is possible but you risk damaging your natural lashes or even irritating your eyes – read more about DIY lash extension removal in our article.

Where can I find the best artists trained in Russian Volume in my area?

Booksy is always here to recommend you the best lash studios in your neighbourhood! Visit our website or download the Booksy app to browse through professionals in your area that offer Russian Volume sets. Look for salons that have impressive Russian lashes before and after photos in their portfolio – once you find a look that speaks to your personal taste, you can simply book your visit online with just a few clicks. With Booksy it’s just this easy!

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