4 tips on how to look after your lash extensions

4 tips on how to look after your lash extensions

There is no better feeling than having your fresh set of lash extensions done and fluttering all your problems away with them. However, as everything good in this world, lash extensions need proper maintenance in order to keep their beauty for a longer period of time. Many first-time wearers find themselves kinda unsure how to take care of their glorious fans, and even lash veterans may be in need of some new tips & tricks. If you would like to keep your extensions looking as good as on day one for as long as possible then keep reading!

Tip 1: Keep your extensions clean

Your lash technician has probably already warned you that a fresh set of lash extensions should not be washed (or get wet in general!) for the first 48 hours. However, after that period, they should be cleaned at least every other day – and even daily, if you have oily eyelids. Furthermore, if you are physically active, work out a lot, dance, or swim (chlorine is a true lash glue killer!), you should wash your eyelids each time you engage in these activities.

How can you wash your extensions? Actually, there are special lash shampoos that do not contain substances that could negatively affect either your natural lashes, your extensions, the glue or your eyes. We wholeheartedly recommend using them – they are the easiest and safest way to keep your fans in a good shape. All you have to do is use a drop or two, gently massage using a cleansing brush and then rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry using a lint-free towel.

Tip 2: Be conscious about skincare that contains oils

Beauty oils can be fantastic for your skin, but will not play nicely with your extensions! Oils, similarly to salt, sweat, glycerine and chlorine, damage the glue that keeps your lashes in place. This is why you should avoid using any skincare products that contain oils near your eyes. Of course, using oil-based makeup cleansers for your eyes is the most obvious no-no, but the list doesn’t end here – you should be wary of moisturisers, creams, lotions and spray toners that might have some oily residue. Make sure to read the ingredient list, especially on your eye creams!

Note: some under-eye concealers can also contain oils – make sure to check if your favourite one is not, by any chance, just ruining your fresh set of lashes!

Tip 3: Give up on mascara (or at least avoid the waterproof ones)

Coating your own lashes with a thick layer of mascara makes cleaning the extensions very difficult. In fact, you should limit your eye makeup altogether, especially eyeliner and mascara. It’s not the cosmetics themselves that are the problem but getting rid of them – as mentioned before, you should not use an oil-based cleanser, and the good old micellar waters are not good for your lashes either! Micelles extract oils from your skin so they can damage the lash glue.

Eyelash extensions look so beautiful on their own that the lack of any eye makeup will highlight them the best!

Tip 4: Remember about your refill appointments!

Finally – it’s absolutely essential that you regularly go to refill your lash set. Always discuss the proper timing with your lash artist and stay in touch with them, especially if it’s your first time. Generally, it is recommended to refill lashes every 2-3 weeks, but it is very personal. Of course, the way you maintain your fans affects the timing greatly, but there is no way to go beyond the 4 weeks mark – your natural lash live circle takes around a month. You lose around 5 (natural) lashes daily, it’s normal that after two weeks you will notice the loss in the density of your extensions!

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