How to look after your brows after microblading

How to look after your brows after microblading

Let’s be real, getting your brows microbladed is a big decision – after all, permanent makeup is well, permanent, and such a commitment requires solid consideration and willingness to take proper care of the effect. Of course, after the first month, microbladed brows require little to no maintenance – however, the first two to four weeks are absolutely crucial and if you neglect the aftercare, the consequences may be irreversible. Now that you are spooked and more than ever eager to do things the right way, let’s establish a few rules of microblading aftercare that will leave your new perfect arches in the best shape possible!

Rule 1: Always listen to your PMU specialist

The professional microblading artists are well aware of the fact that proper maintenance is key to the perfect final effect, so they usually do the best they can to keep you informed on the proper aftercare. It’s not uncommon for the PMU specialists to hand their clients instructions in the written form as well to ensure that you will remember everything you heard during the appointment. You should also ask any question you may have, even if you feel it may be a silly one! Overall, make sure that you are leaving the salon with good knowledge of what to do once you are back home, this evening, the next day and two next weeks. Moreover, make sure to actually follow the instructions you got – these rules are not here to bother you, but to ensure your brows heal quickly, beautifully and with no unpleasant side effects.

Rule 2: Clean and moisturise your brows as instructed

When taking care of your newly ‘bladed brows keep in mind that they are basically pigment-filled shallow wounds. You want to keep them clean but limit messing with them to a minimum! Every PMU specialist has their own recommended way of taking care of their masterpiece, so always follow their instructions in the first place. Most probably you will be asked to gently rinse your eyebrows with a cotton pad soaked in clean water every 30 minutes during day one and to equally gently clean them with water and soap combo twice a day from day two till the end of the week. Two to three days after the microblading is done you will also start using a special cream recommended by the PMU artist and keep using it until your brows are healed.

Rule 3: No touching, picking and stroking!

Somewhere around day three, you will probably notice that your arches have something resembling a pigment-filled scab on them. It’s perfectly normal – actually, around 40% of the pigment peels off naturally during the healing process. It may be kind of annoying, as the scab itches just a little bit, but it won’t last long. A week after the appointment it should be gone entirely. Now, remember – you absolutely, under no circumstances, should ever pick the scab! Yes, it may itch and look flaky, but it’s a necessary stage that allows your skin to heal properly and the pigment to stay in the epidermis as intended. If you keep disturbing the process, your brows may turn out uneven or, in the worst-case scenario, get infected. Be patient and careful!

Rule 4: Give up on swimming pools, saunas and tanning beds for at least a month

In general, you should avoid soaking your freshly bladed arches with water and getting them exposed to harsh sunlight. Even bigger no-nos are trips to saunas, tanning salons and pools – again, this may interfere with the healing process, cause excessive peeling or even lead to an infection. Mind that the skin in the blading area will be very sensitive for a while – irresponsible decisions may lead to serious pigment fading or even scarring!

Rule 5: Avoid applying makeup in the area

It is a no-brainer that you should not wear any eyebrow makeup for at least a month after microblading. However, you should also be careful when applying your usual foundation, concealer or eyeshadows – avoid the area around your brows and if you can, give up on makeup altogether for the first initial week.

Rule 6: Keep your hair off the forehead

It may seem like a silly thing, but having your bangs or wild baby hair constantly touching your freshly microbladed eyebrows is something that you want to avoid. Again, think about it as a bundle of paper cuts – not deep enough to be dangerous in any sense, but still, a broken skin that can get infected if not handled properly. You do not want your hair sticking to a scab! Invest in cute hair clips or a headband and wear it for at least the first seven days.

Rule 7: Keep in touch with your PMU specialist if anything causes you concern

If you feel like something doesn’t seem right – for example, your brows start bleeding out of the blue, hurt days after the appointment or fail to heal, contact your PMU artist immediately. Do not consult Doctor Google or your Instagram followers – the proper source of help will always be the specialist who provided the service. Of course, every PMU artist warns that for the first few days your brows will look too dark, then will flake and then will look too light until regaining their proper colour, but any weird symptoms other than that should get you to contact your specialist. It’s always better to be a little overzealous than to ignore something important. We wish you beautiful brows and quick healing!

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