Freshen up, Birmingham! Top 4 places in Birmingham that will get you ready for springtime

Freshen up, Birmingham! Top 4 places in Birmingham that will get you ready for springtime

Spring is just around the corner – after all, on March 20 we celebrate Spring Equinox and the season of blooming flowers officially begins! As nature wakes up once again, we also become more lively and eager to engage in new projects. We suddenly feel the need to freshen up a bit, both internally and externally. This is a perfect time to take care of your body and prepare it for the upcoming warmer months.

Birmingham is full of fantastic health & beauty businesses that simply can’t wait to pamper you and make you feel springtime-ready. We’ve prepared a quick guide that will allow you to choose the best option – without any further ado, let’s get started!

Do a full-on restyle with Stag Digbeth barbershop

There are many nice spots in Birmingham, but there is only one Stag Digbeth barbershop. The place is literally oozing with coolness, from the interior design to the service menu. Let’s start with the fact that they have a fully licensed bar and coffee shop! Pair that with a team of highly experienced barbers that want all clients to leave looking their best and you have a receipt for a perfect springtime glow-up.

Stag Digbeth barbershop offers an hour and fifteen minutes long “Restyle” service that includes a style consultation and a complete overhaul of your trim. The service is longer than your usual barber appointment in order to allow the barber to find just the right cut for you. No rush, no quick decisions, no stress – it’s a moment for you to wind down and have something tasty to drink while your new image comes to life! We all need to reinvent ourselves every now and then to keep feeling our best, and Stag Digbeth gives you an opportunity to do exactly that.

Get the blowdry of your dreams with Abundance Luxe Hair

Is there a bigger confidence booster than having that bouncy, shiny, straight-outta-salon hair look? Professional hairstylists have a way of making your mane look so… different! The secret to this fabulousness is a blowdry, known also as a blow-out – a technique of drying one’s hair in a way that gives them a beautiful shape, silky-smooth texture and a ton of volume. It’s very difficult to achieve such perfection at home and therefore many salons offer their clients blow dry as not only the finishing touch to their appointment but also a separate service.

Abundance Luxe Hair salon is well-known for their breathtaking blow dries. The stylists really do their best to bring out the natural beauty of any hair texture, let it be coily, curly, wavy or straight. What’s important, loyal clients mention that their appointment never feels rushed, as the professionals of Abundance salon always pay extra attention to their patron’s hair, making sure they receive exactly what they want. A perfect blowdry to show off your beautiful hair after months of hiding it under a hat can be the beginning of a long-term relationship with your new favourite salon!

Get ready to show some skin with Taran K Beauty

Warmer months bring the opportunity to wear slightly more bold looks – sleeves and skirts become shorter, shoes reveal heels or toes, you do not hide your neck and cleavage with a thick scarf anymore, and so on. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing naturality, some people feel more confident with completely smooth skin. There is no right or wrong answer – it all boils down to your personal preference! And if you go for the hairless option, there is no better way to start the short skirt season than to visit Taran K Beauty for a little waxing session.

You can choose from many different options – for a full package, there is a full-body wax for ladies that includes arms, underarms, stomach area and the bikini line. However, you can also target a specific area, for example, your entire legs or only their lower part (from the knee line to ankle line). Taran K Beauty can also take care of your overgrown eyebrows or get rid of these annoying pieces of hair that pop up out of nowhere on your chin, sideburns or chest.

Do a full-on brow metamorphosis with Kaseys Browtique & Beauty

Brows are the frame of your face. They really make a difference – depending on their shape, your features can look softer or sharper, your eyes seem bigger and your overall appearance more defined. Heck, a change in your brow’s shape can give you a visual lifting! Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with naturally flawless brows – and some really went to town in the 90s and early 2000s plucking them to oblivion. This is why Kaseys Browtique and their Custom Brow service come to the rescue.

It does not matter if you have a little more brow action than you would like to or quite the opposite – if you are in need of help with unruly eyebrows, Kaseys Browtique will be your saviour. Custom Brow includes tinting, waxing, threading and mapping, with a touch of fluffing and a perfectly customised finish. If you have never had your eyebrows professionally done before, it is an ideal starting point. Nothing will freshen up your face better than a carefully sculpted framing!

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