England’s team best hairstyles to ask your barber for during Euro 2020/21 

England's team best hairstyles to ask your barber for during Euro 2020/21 

Oh, the excitement! Oh, the emotions! The stakes are getting higher than John Stones’ hairstyle. The football frenzy took us all by storm and doesn’t seem to cool down a bit. And let’s be real for a moment – some of us watch the matches of our national team purely for the beauty of the sport, while others, well – for the beauty of our national team. Whether you are in the first category, the second or somewhere in between, there is no denying that many people take inspiration from the image of famous football players, especially when it comes to hair and beard styles. This year’s UEFA European Championship is no different – and we have just the cheat sheet you need. We have chosen four of the best hairstyles we spotted on the grass field this Euro and they are all on the heads of our team members. Which is a pure coincidence, of course. Let’s dive (bad football pun score: 1) right into it!

Phil Foden: a micro-fringe and bleached colour with a silvery-grey hue

Have you ever emerged from a barber shop with a hairstyle so show-stopping that they asked you about it in an interview? Most of us cannot relate to that, but Phil Foden can. Our forward used to have dark hair cut short in a pretty casual style, but this Euro decided to go wild. His iconic micro-fringe bleached to a silvery blonde has shocked the public and definitely contributed to the victory with Germany – just look at the footage, it’s obvious they conceded two goals because they thought Paul Gascoigne arrived to support the English team!

Speaking to reporters at St George’s Park about his new hairstyle, Foden said: “First of all I’ve had the same haircut for what seems ages now, so I thought I would try something new. “And then I woke up this morning with a lot of comparisons to Gazza and Eminem. So, yeah, it was my own thing and people turned it into something else. But they’ve said that they liked it so it’s a positive thing, which I’m surprised about.” He also added that “It wouldn’t be too bad if I tried to bring a bit of Gazza on the pitch!”.

Phil Folden hairstyle
Source: Phil Folden’s official Instagram profile

With all seriousness, Foden’s hair looks great and very healthy, proving that the bleaching job was done by an experienced barber. If you want to achieve this effect yourself, ask your stylist or barber for a silvery-grey blonde and a micro-fringe, and when they offer you some additional conditioning to keep the hair integrity at its best, do not hesitate to follow their advice. And oh – if you decide to go for it, get ready to be mistaken for one of our players. In his interview with talkSPORT Folden mentioned that “I told the team that if we win it they have to get the same haircut as me and they all agreed”. We are taking it at their word and waiting for the results!

Harry Kane: long on the top with a brushed back finish

If you are looking for a truly refined hairstyle that pairs beautifully with a beard look at Harry Kane. His cut is very shapely, adds great framing to his classic features and does not require much styling. In fact, in 2020 fans voted him to have the best haircut in the Premier League! Curiously enough, the survey showed that football fans cherish diversity in hairstyles, voting David Luiz with his head full of tiny locks as second and Paul Pogba’s short afro with shaved sides and a streak of Manchester red as fourth.

Harry Kane hairstyle
Source: Harry Kane’s official Instagram profile

If you want to achieve Kane’s elegant style, ask for a long top cut with a brushed back finish. Additionally, if you want to mimic his majestic facial hair as well, ask your barber for a classic full beard (sides-goatee-moustache combo). A great advantage of this hairstyle is how easy it is to style on a daily basis – the long top looks best when blow-dried, raked backwards with a hair paste and finger-brushed for volume and texture. Just look at Kane – he looks fantastic no matter how long he runs on the field! An occasional slip of a lock of hair only adds to his style.

Marcus Rashford: tapered afro with fade and textured curls

If you are lucky enough to have afro-textured hair, look at Marcus Rashford for inspiration. He has stolen viewers’ hearts when he let his beautiful hair grow out a little and had his sides faded. The result is very refined but also youthful and fun at the same time – we love seeing curls being cherished and emphasized! Rashford prefers to pair this style with a clean shave, which is a great move, as this makes the opulence of his hair really stand out.

Marus Rashford hairstyle
Source: Marcus Rashford’s official Instagram profile

To mimic Rashford’s cut, ask your barber for a taper and a low fade. It will most probably be cut with freehand clippers and then softened with scissors for a more lax appearance. Using a curl sponge will help you boost that natural textured look. Finally, remember that your natural texture needs some love to look its best – protect it with regular moisturising treatments! Rashford clearly knows it well and his curls always look healthy, shiny and bouncy.

Jack Grealish: slicked back undercut

Do you have straight hair but want to have a hairstyle with a lot of volume? Or maybe let’s ask this way: do you want to look like a sassy bad boy? Jack Grealish’s undercut with a long top will give you these vibes in an instant. It’s a cut that catches attention immediately and again, will pair perfectly with a clean shave or a soft stubble for a dandy, energetic and slightly arrogant image.

Jack Grealish hairstyle
Source: Jack Grealish’s official Instagram profile

You need approximately 5-6 inches on top to achieve Jack Grealish’s hairstyle. If you meet this criterion, ask your barber for an undercut on both sides and the back. This style looks best with regular maintenance – prepare to visit your barber or stylists every three weeks. Fortunately, styling is relatively easy – all you need to do is to slick the hair back using a strong pomade and comb through it when blow-drying. Casually dropping locks, just as in Kane’s case, will only add this additional ounce of flamboyance that makes Grealish’s appearance so captivating. You’ll achieve all your goals when looking like that and we are not even sorry for that pun!

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